As Dr. Seuss said: oh, the places you'll go! Each place I have been to has been its own pocket of culture and unique adventures. While I have lofty goals of visiting every state in the U.S. and of stepping foot onto every continent before I'm 25, I like to think that I'm making progress. Somewhat.

Below is a list of places that I have been to, along with links to posts that may or may not include cool things to do and yummy things to eat. Most likely, they'll be about food..but I also try to find an adventure or two when I can.

Though fair warning, these are definitely not complete guides of all the awesome things you can go at said place. Far from! I just know that I like to look for suggestions from other bloggers when I travel, and thought you might like the same.

Happy travels!

north america

As a California native, I've seen much of the Golden State (though not as much as I would like!). What I love most about California is that everything is accessible. Good food by the desert, the ocean, the mountains, the forest -- anything you want is just a drive away.

Last I was here was in August 2014. To me, Colorado is a magical place that only gets better, and has tons of places for you to explore. The landscape here is just incredible. The mountains are beautiful, the rivers are breathtaking, and the people here are so incredibly nice. It has its dips (avoid Sterling, CO), but for the most part, it's a beautiful state.

I went for the first time, June 2015. Caitlin and I made the trip out and she hosted for an amazing week of rainbows and two-minute storms. I cannot wait to go back! What amazing hikes, tide pools, and waterfalls every corner you turn.

Secretly, I'd love to move to Chicago. I fell in love when I was there in July 2014. My highlights were eating at Little Goat, squishing together with crowds of people beneath The Bean, and checking out the aquarium here. I touched a fish! It was great! And I can't complain about getting to sit at the edge of the lake to watch the sunset.

Everything here is clean! I visited Grand Rapids once for Thanksgiving in 2013 and again in August of 2014. It felt like a small town had run headfirst into a city -- and what you got was a little hub of really nice people with shopping centers and enough going on that it didn't feel stiflingly tiny. I can't stress how lovely Grand Rapids is. A lady at the airport gave me bus fare just because it was my first time in Michigan, and to welcome me there. Can't say that would happen in other places.

St. Louis has got some serious barbecue going on. It's also humid beyond belief in the summertime -- another stop on the August 2013 road trip. I'd love to go back to eat my weight in barbecue, please.

New York is everything that people say it is. It's dirty, it's glamorous, and it's an amazing place to be. I was lucky enough to go to college in the city, and I have to say: it's not an experience I would trade for anything in the world. I loved good pizza, halal at two in the morning, and being just a train ride away from Central Park. You really can't beat it.  If I am very honest, I miss it every day that I am away -- it can get overwhelming at times, but it's a wonderful experience.

It's a little small, has more trees that you could ever imagine, and is the home-state of some really epic doughnuts. I first went in August 2014 to move my sister in for law school! I've gone back a few times since, mostly for the coast. If you're ever there, you must stop by the coast!

While I haven't been to Salt Lake, I have been to the national park in Utah and saw some really cool things. For one, it rained cats and dogs in July of 2014 -- which really means that it wasn't too hot, and we saw natural waterfalls that we wouldn't have been able to see otherwise. If you can, check out Arches National Park and go through the broken arch trail.


  1. LOVE this page! I can't wait to read about all of your travels. I'm a Missouri girl and it's not often I find a blogger who has traveled there!


    1. Thank you thank you! My travels in Missouri don't really count as I only stopped in St. Louis while driving through, but you guys have bbq down on lock. I really want to go back and explore some more when I can!


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