hi, i'm sara.

My name is Sara, but you can call me Skim. Whatever floats your boat! I am a twenty-something year old from Southern California, trying to find as many adventures as I can. Somewhat of an explorer. I get attached to fictional characters too easily. If you want to get fancy, I'm ISFJ.

I'm kind of weird, a bit of a geek, and a law student. My life consists primarily of finding new shows/movies to watch, sleeping, exploring, and eating (no, but really, my love for food knows no bounds). I quite enjoy: design, crafts, movies, television, books, writing, cameras/photography, and the internet. I have an unhealthy obsession with The Lord of the Rings

You can check out this tag for posts that describe me a little bit better. Have a suggestion? Throw it my way, I'll try to check it out. Otherwise, enjoy reading my blog!  

dear skim?

Being the fickle pickle that I am, I had a hard time choosing an appropriate blog name. After a lot of different trials and test blogs, I settled on Dear Skim. The nickname, Skim, came about when I was in high school -- it's just a mashup of my first & last names. It could be a testament to my love for skim milk (as so many friends have tried to make happen), but I'm from a household of 2% drinkers.