April 4, 2016

Chasing Wildflowers - Joshua Tree, CA

A few weeks ago, my parents and I tried to make out way up to Fresno to see the almond trees blooming. Ten minutes onto the freeway, I thought I'd check out the blossom reports for the area to see where would be the best place to go -- only to find that the recent rains had all but stripped the trees of their flowers.

We made a quick u-turn and set out for Joshua Tree instead. Wildflower reports made a note that it was still too early for blooms in most of the park, but the southern end of the park (Cottonwood Springs area) was seeing some lovely color. We were not disappointed!

There were flowers sprouting from cacti, Joshua Tree poppies, blossoms of blue, yellow, white, orange, pink. Though perhaps most surprising were the Joshua Trees themselves. In all my years of driving down to the park, I have never seen Joshua Trees blooming like they were when we visited. (Apparently they need specific conditions in order to bloom -- freezing temperatures, for one).

I only have one more stop for my wildflower hunt this year, and I hope I'll get to check it off my bucket list in the coming weeks. Golden poppies, here I come!

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March 28, 2016

Chasing Wildflowers - Death Valley, CA

More than anything, I have not wanted to blog the past few months. I could attribute it to a few things -- but mainly, blogging just was not as fun as it used to be. Every year, I go through a phase where I look at my blog and wonder what I'm keeping it up for. Am I trying to grow this space and make it into something I need to work at? Or is it really just an online journal?

For now, I'm taking the latter and running with it. 

So. Dear Skim. This year, I made the decision to see all of the wildflowers California had to offer. We started out last month by heading up to Death Valley to see the superbloom. It was nothing short of magnificent. Knowing Death Valley, and remembering childhood trips where the entire area was barren and brown (and most importantly boring), it was such a treat to see it bursting with color. Bright yellow flowers flanked the road on either side with sprinkles of purple and pink along the way.


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