November 16, 2015

Star Fail

A few weeks ago, I went camping with my parents out in Joshua Tree. We hadn't been in a few months, and I desperately needed to take a quick break from filling out school applications and the like. Knowing that we'd be out there overnight, I took my camera and packed up my tripod for the trip.

Looking back on these photos now, I have a lot to learn about night time photography! Some of them came out unfocused and the stars look blurry because I held the shutter down too long to get crisp stars, but not long enough to get the cool streaked effect.

The boulders also came up a little red because we had a fire going, though it was mostly completely dark when I took these.

This one was taken just as the moon was starting to rise above the rocks we had camped out against!

The next morning, my dad went for a bike ride with his friends while my mom and I cleaned up camp. Once they returned, they did a quick round of rock climbing that they had set up the day before.

Once they were all set, my dad and I set off on our tandem bike to ride to the entrance of the park. My mom took the car and snapped photos of us along the way (I'm pretty sure you can see the look of complete exhaustion on my face -- those slow inclines are killer!).

It was a fun little trip out, and I was happy to be back in one of my favorite places.

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