August 10, 2015

Spencer's Butte

 The other week, I went up to Oregon with my family to help my sister move into a new apartment. We made the trip, thinking that we'd have time to do a little sight seeing and take a day trip over to Crater Lake. As it turned out, we were busy bees up until the moment that we left! From moving her stuff to furnishing the new apartment, it was a jam-packed couple of days.

And that doesn't even include the craziness that were our drives up and back again. A grueling 14 or so hours on the road, made even longer due to car complications (our tire blew out in the middle of nowhere, and then our spare decided to fall to pieces).

Even if we didn't have the time to make it to one of the many places I had wanted to check out while in Oregon, we did make it to Spencer's Butte. It's popular amongst the locals, given that it gives you an amazing view of Eugene on the way up and you get to hike through beautiful forests.

As you walk into the wall of trees, you slowly find yourself lost to the world outside. The sky hides above the canopy of trees and you're surrounded by a different shade of green.

We made it to the hike really close to sunset, so the sun was far from shining through the leaves. I can only imagine how beautiful it would be to catch that!

They were doing constructions on the trail, so we treaded carefully along narrow, uneven paths marked by machines and bags of what looked to be sand. It all looked so out of place, almost like they had been abandoned by construction workers long ago, waiting to be taken by the foliage surrounding it.

I was glad when we made it to the end. After having not done any real strenuous activity for months (not really since Hawaii, and before then, not since what I think may have been May), the hike took a toll on my body. Though it wasn't that difficult at all!

The sunset was beautiful, and it was such a reward after having sweat and trudged up the mountain with my teeth gritted. We raced back down to get out of the forest before it became completely dark, and made it just in time.

Also! Before I forget, I wanted to let you all know that things will be a little slow around the blog for a little while. I have applications and what not coming up, and I need to spend my time outside of work to make sure all of that is ready. I'll try my best to keep updating, but I wanted to throw that out there.

On the up side, I am hopefully going to be taking a few trips this fall: another to Oregon, New York, and Michigan. Or Chicago! Either way, I'll take you all with me.

As always, thank you so much for reading!

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