July 23, 2015

Tide Pools in Oahu

A lot of my time spent in Hawaii consisted of me wanting to be in the water and wanting to experience something new. My first proper day in the ocean was epic beyond words, and it was everything I wanted. We went up to the north shore and grabbed ourselves acai bowls before jumping into the ocean.

We sat in the sand while eating our bowls, watching as the sun dipped lower and lower towards the water. A random shower of rain passed through, ten or fifteen minutes of sprinkling that we could track coming from the other side of the beach.

The craziest part was watching the rainbow inch closer and closer to us from behind houses until it was right in front of us. A full-fledged rainbow! I had never seen the end of a rainbow before, and I did what any normal person would do -- I freaked out and sent my family a ton of photos. (Mostly, I wanted to exclaim how there wasn't a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and I felt thoroughly lied to).

When the rain moved on to unsuspecting victims elsewhere, we stripped off our layers and jumped into the water. I have never felt water so warm before. My time exploring California beaches have taught me that the ocean is normally frigid, and in the summertime (at best) just cold. The tropics are where it's at. Clear water, warm ocean, stretches and stretches of beach.

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The next day, we woke up bright and early to make our way to some tide pools that Caitlin had been wanting to check out. Determined, we made the long trek down the side of a cliff to get to our destination. It wasn't easy -- although it's not so physically demanding, it does take a bit of leg work and balance, given how steep the way down is. 

This is the ridiculous wave that threw me against the rocks and gave me a pretty decent cut on the back of my thigh. I was moving the GoPro to get a shot of the waves and set it up further out so that we could catch all of us. While on timelapse mode, this monster came in and we all subsequently climbed out of the tide pools and made our way back up.

Sorry the animation is so off -- I tried to cut down on the file size and mistakenly forgot to change the frame duration.

The way up was so much more difficult than the way down. I was dripping in sweat, and my arms were shaking. Because the rocks are so steep, I often had my throw my bag up on the ledge above me so I could use my arms to lift myself up.

While the tide pools were amazing (and I'd go again in a heartbeat), the trek was not what I had expected.

Caitlin and I left that place with just a few cuts and bruises, while the boys left practically unscathed. Completely unfair! We went back to her house afterwards to repack our backpacks and head on over to another hike -- but that's for next time.

If you're interested in seeing some clips of the tide pools, you can click here! It was so surreal; definitely a highlight of my year.

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