July 20, 2015

Around Oahu

I have been extremely unmotivated to go through my Hawaii photos. For the most part, very few of them make sense together -- I took shots here and there, focusing mainly on getting footage. So forgive me for the lackluster posts. I promise you that Hawaii is beautiful and that my photos don't do it justice (though you probably already know that).

Anyway, it rained a lot the first few days after I arrived. Hawaii was so much more humid than I expected! I foolishly disregarded the fact that the Pacific and the tropics are all horrible in the summertime. Cue tropical storms, constant rain, and air that feels as thick as honey. When it's breezy it's bearable, but when it's not... Well. I don't wish that on anybody.

My second day in, Caitlin's parents drove us around the island so that I could see all of Oahu. We stopped by a string of stalls selling local fruit on our way, in hopes of grabbing a bag of lychee on the go. We didn't end up buying any, but it was nice to enjoy a small stretch of sunshine on an otherwise rainy day.

Caitlin and her family! I just wanted to shout out another thank you to them for hosting me and for showing me around Oahu. In their blessed car with the most wonderful of air conditioners. Amazing.

C's dad bought a coconut while we were snapping photos along Kahana Bay Beach Park. I wouldn't go out of my way to go there again, but it's worth stopping by if you pass by. The mountains look epic in the background, and you can walk along a little deck to stand above the waves.

One of my favorite stops from that day was Pali Lookout. It was my first encounter with wild chickens -- they were everywhere! Roosters, chicks, chickens, all walking around and crowing at strangers passing by.

We even saw a stray cat on the prowl not very far from these little chicks!

Pali is awesome. You can get panoramic views of Oahu, seeing as far as the changing colors of the ocean water. It's incredibly windy, but extremely refreshing on hot, humid days.

I promise the rest of my Hawaii photos aren't so cloudy. It was just that one day that I was out snapping photos that the sky looked so gray! Can't wait to share the rest with you all.

In the meantime, go check out Caitlin's posts so far. She made a video and a blog post!

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