May 18, 2015

Sister time in LA

My sister came back into town last week, so I've been a little busy running around with her. For the most part, we've been eating, but we've squeezed in a bit of studying (less than a month to go!) along with some good ol' California fun.

Of course, we've had to schedule around the sudden rainy weather and intense humidity, but overall it's been pretty good weather. Compared to what most people go through (sudden snows and tornadoes sprinkled across the US?), I really can't complain.

We had a little outside barbecue over the weekend, followed by a hike in Griffith. On another day, we went bike riding from Santa Monica down to Muscle Beach. It's the first time I've ever biked along the beach, but it's something I'd definitely want to do again! My dad and I rode tandem while my sister rode my bike -- note for next time, wear lots of sunblock.

And do not ignore the chest area because I came away with a really gnarly sunburn.

To top off the weekend, we feasted. Most importantly, I made a shrimp boil for the first time! It was surprisingly simple -- I was inspired by a YouTube video I had come across during the week and had been thinking about since. I used tiger shrimp that we got from a Vietnamese market on the way home after church, and let me tell you -- that texture is unreal.

If I may, to quote my sister: "It's almost like the texture of lobster meat."

Paired with crabs and good family time, I nearly worked myself into a food coma. And by nearly, I mean I am typing this as I'm dozing off.

Sorry for the short post! I haven't been lugging my camera around, and the next few weeks are going to be super intense for me. I may be around in little bits and pieces -- but Hawaii is happening next month! I can't wait to experience that soon, and to take all of you along with me.

It's going to be fun. It's going to be epic.

Thanks for being patient with me!

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