April 27, 2015

Abandoned houses in Malibu

A lot of the time when people think of Los Angeles, they think of Hollywood. They think of streets lined with cars stuck in traffic, beaches with sun-kissed lifeguards playing volleyball, and taco trucks. Most of that is true -- LA is filled with a lot of those things.

But people never associate nature with our city.

A few weeks ago, I went on a hike over in Malibu. On the way there, we drove through the Santa Monica Mountains -- and I had to stop to snap few photos. For anyone who says that LA doesn't have it all, I'd like to argue. LA is great. LA is awesome. LA can throw at you amazing views through the mountains right next to the beach, not very far off from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Our hike consisted of two parts -- the first part to the waterfall, and the second part up the mountain. The first leg of the trip brought us around two abandoned homes that were burned down long, long ago.

They were covered in little bits of graffiti and wildflowers, mounds of rubble creating pathways for hikers to come explore.

The first part ends with a little seat by a trickle of water (otherwise known as a Southern Californian waterfall). Most people stay there in the shade to rest before heading back. We had other plans, and joined the very few other people who went all the way up.

A couple of switchbacks later, you're brought to an amazing view. Mountains on one side, ocean on the other.

The journey back is a breeze -- going downhill feels like you have a jetpack strapped to your back and you're flying down. In about half the time it takes to go up, you're all the way down and looking at this ridiculous view.

I can't complain about living in LA.

Man, are we lucky!

Quick note: I likely won't have a post up this Thursday. However, I will be going hiking this weekend so I'll be posting about that next week. In the meantime, make sure you're following me on Twitter and on Instagram!

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  1. Such a gorgeous hike and photos. Malibu seriously has some of the best hikes in LA. So gorgeous and you feel like you're in the middle of nature instead of the city!

    xx 365Hangers

  2. I haven't hiked for ages, but if I would, this is something that I'd totally love to see. :) Gorgeous photos! :)


  3. That looks like so much fun, I love hiking! And I am so so jealous of your weather!x

  4. Oh Ive been there! Lol it was a field trip for biology, they talked about how the fire took down those forest ranger houses.

  5. Amazing photos! Those abandoned houses are so interesting! :)

  6. I love it! Wouldn't trade these hikes for anything <3

  7. It was so much fun! And the sun doesn't hurt :)

  8. LOL what kind of fancy field trips did y'all take?!

  9. Thanks Valerie! Haha, I thought of you & your blog when I saw them

  10. I can't complain when there's perpetual summer/spring weather here in LA!

  11. Sara your photos are still BEAUTIFUL! Those old homes are spooky looking, but very cool! They remind me of these homes in my grandparent's backyard. I remember playing in them with my cousins when we were little kids :P Have fun hiking!


  12. These houses are so beautiful! Breathtaking mountains, too. I guess LA really has a lot more to offer than all those glamorous things and such. Your neighborhood is quite interesting, to be honest! :)

    Mimi | The Foxy Heroine

  13. Jessica!!!!!! Waaah thank you thank you <3 That sounds crazy -- y'all had homes in your grandparents' backyard??

  14. LA is so diverse! I'm glad that I'm able to highlight more than Hollywood or the beaches here :) Thank you!

  15. I guess I didn't realize how crazy it sounds. lol They live in a really small village in Mexico and for some reason there are two little houses on their land, which I always just called their "backyard" lol I think my uncles used to live in them! Who knows, they are super old! They were fun to explore though! ;)

  16. Such pretty and wonderfully-shot pictures! Ha, I love that "RUBY IS CUTE" graffiti and that other oddly cute graffiti shot ...of an acorn? It's cute whatever it is, haha.



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