March 9, 2015

Revisiting the Getty Villa

Not too long ago, I was at the Getty Villa -- mostly groaning that the gardens weren't in bloom and the once lush trees were barren in the heart of winter. I was eager to see fruit hanging heavily from the trees again, and the arches bursting with flowers. I wanted spring!

So when it came to thinking of what to do for Caitlin's birthday, I knew exactly where we had to go.

Unfortunately for us, however, the plan backfired a little. The gardens were still looking pretty rough, including its own patch of weeds (that may have been wheat, but really looked like weeds).

I will admit, I was a little deflated. I was really looking forward to spending time oo-ing and ah-ing over all of the herbs and the figs and the pears. To be quite honest, I was looking forward to showing all of you how pretty the Getty Villa is when it's at its finest.

But, spring has just begun sprinkling life back into the garden, and it'll be a little while longer before they're what they were once before.

Determined not to let the fail turn into an opportunity missed, I tried to capture some moments that I don't think I got quite across last time. A few snaps of details that I took time to appreciate this time around.

But any post including the Getty Villa would not be complete without the iconic photo of the walkway. Pictured with a very lovely Caitlin walking around, and the sun beginning its mission to bake us throughout the day.

While other parts of the country are experiencing snow and frigid temperatures, we had the pleasure of prancing around in what must have been eighty degree weather.

Thank you, California!

We walked around the outside garden and courtyard for a bit before heading inside to see what kind of shenanigans we could get ourselves into. This included mostly pointing at statues and discussing what we would do if we could afford to buy out the villa. 

All of the marble tables are staying and will be used as our personal desks in this future dream home.

Strangely, we went inside...

...only to come right back out. I've posted photos of the view from the balcony before, so I won't bore you with those again.

C and I eventually decided that we should at least take a look at some of the art displayed and ran back inside. 

I abandoned the statues and figures to look at things that fit my fancy a little bit better. There's a section that I always look forward to in any museum I visit. It's a special exhibit that makes my eyes sparkle and the want in my chest ache.

I went for the jewelry.

These beautiful golden cuffs caught my eye immediately. For lack of a better (and more sophisticated) word, to me, they are just so darn pretty.

But on that day, not even the glimmer of gold could keep me inside. I was itching to get out and walk around in the sunshine. Sitting in an office all week and not seeing enough sun makes me crave the outdoors on the weekends.

So if I don't have to be inside, I'll find a reason not to be!

(Not to be confused with actually doing things with people -- we all know that I'm sort of antisocial)

These are the only fountains still on at the Getty Villa. I mentioned in a previous post that they turned off most water features other than ponds holding fish to conserve water during the drought. This little courtyard managed to evade that rule, and is still spouting water.

Not that I'm complaining! I love that they are conscious of California's water concerns and are doing what they can to help out, but it is nice to see the fountains as they were meant to be seen.

One thing I did not take enough care to appreciate last time was how beautiful the ceilings are at the villa. The level of detail everywhere is wonderful. It's incredibly calming to walk around and just look up.

You might look weird (you will definitely look weird) but it's worth it just to see how much effort was put into making this place an entire experience.

Before we left, though, I had one more thing to see -- one part of the villa that I had never ventured to before. Caitlin took me down a hallway and into a room, where I was met with these beauties. It was really refreshing to get to see something that I hadn't seen before, despite having been to this place a few times already.

Possibly one of the prettiest rooms in the entire villa. The walls are decorated with colored marble, a display of artifacts standing in the middle. Light floods the room through the window and makes the place look so bright and welcoming.

And while it was all fun, we cut our visit a little short to hurry off and head on to the Getty Center. But more of that to come in the next post.

If you're feeling so kind, go tell Caitlin happy belated birthday!

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  1. It looks amazing, such beautiful colours, these sort of places really inspire me, I take inspiration from the colours and prints and incorporate them into the home and into fashion. Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Wow, what an amazing place! I love the walkway is so pretty!

  3. Absolutely stunning photography here lovely, I now have the most serious wanderlust ever.. would love to visit this place one day :)


  4. So in love with all of your photos and that hat! It's to die for! Definitely agree with Valerie that walkway photo is amazing!!

  5. Thanks for reading! I love places like this for inspiration -- though I can't replicate any of it, finding details that are somewhat inspired by these places. That's what my home dreams are made of!

  6. Haha, I love that photo of my friend, too. She looks so artsy!

  7. Thank you <3 Gaaah so sweet! This place is TOTALLY worth coming to if you're ever in the LA area. And they control traffic coming into the villa, so it's never super crowded. Love!

  8. Caitlin is definitely a hat person -- she pulls them off well! :)

  9. Ahh! you take wonderful photos. Everything looks so beautiful <3

  10. These photos are so beautiful, oh my gosh! The colors are stunning and you look so pretty as well.

    xo. naomi @ Naomi in Wonderland

  11. Aw, thanks! That's actually my friend Caitlin, but she is very pretty :) And I know! This place makes me gush because it's so beautiful!

  12. !!! Thank you lady! <3 Gaaah you're too kind!

  13. I'm not! I just really love your photos :)


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