March 19, 2015

Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong and LACMA

To end the epic adventure that was our celebration of Caitlin's birthday, she and I headed to Koreatown for some Korean BBQ. I knew exactly where we had to go -- Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong. I first came to this place back in December, when Roxy came to visit.

We had an amazing time, and I've been going ever since. Each time it gets a little less magical...but still, I like it all the same.

This place always has a crazy wait, but something important to note is that the wait time is never actually as long as they say it'll be. I've gone mostly when it's been really busy, and the wait was estimated at 2 hours. We've gone over to the Line Hotel for a round of drinks and always, without fail, after about an hour we get a call from them letting us know that our table is ready.

So take whatever wait time they give you, and know that they're exaggerating it a bit. Just in case.

And if you are waiting and want to grab a quick drink, the Line Hotel is a nice spot. It's still a little strange to me, mostly because I don't ever know what to do when I'm there. It's a hotel lobby turned into a bar, but it's weird. I've been told that my friends and I are the only ones that find the area weird, so we'll leave the fanny pack waitresses to the experts and just nod and smile.

Sorry, tangent!

We were pretty hungry, so we opted for their combo meal, starting with thinly sliced brisket.

What makes Baekjeong kind of cool is that they give you some KBBQ staples along the rim of the grill. Cheesy corn, egg, and vegetables.

Everyone I bring to this place is always weirded out by the idea of there being egg and cheesy corn, but don't knock it 'til you've tried it! The cheesy corn is usually the favorite, though some (and these people get me on a whole 'nother level) live for the eggs.

And that is exactly how I feel.

Round two was, I think, the short rib.

If you've never had KBBQ, or Korean food in general, this setup might seem a little insane! Koreans typically eat a lot of banchan, or side dishes. When we eat meat, we usually pair it with a green of vegetable of some sort.

As you can see above, we have: kimchi pancake, salad, dipping sauce, my dirty bowl, kimchi stew (kimchi jjigae), soybean sprouts, and our grill.

You don't have to eat all of it, but it breaks up the meal into different tastes and textures.

Lastly, we were treated to marinated galbi (or marinated short rib).

We ate ourselves into a stupor and kind of stared at each other blankly. We barely spoke a word while we ate, and couldn't get any words out post-meal given the fact that our food babies were about to pop out of us.

No shame in our game.

After a hot minute, we picked ourselves up and headed back towards my house. Although we hadn't intended on going to the LACMA, when we passed by the lights, we had to turn around and stop.

Who can say no to taking photos by the iconic lights, right?

I debated not posting any photos of myself from this entire day because of how rotund I look.

But, I guess, you can't win them all. I know what my body looks like. There's no use in trying to lie to you and pretend like I'm some magical shape that I'm not.

And on that note, I'll leave you with this photo of some lady in the background modeling. Not sure if they were wedding photos, but she was doing some crazy poses.

C and I spent the rest of our time trying to figure out our selfie angle (which, if you follow me on Twitter, you know that we are not so good at). We drove back to my house, and she made the long journey back to hers. 

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  1. AHAHA that photo of me. Spot the hair tie on the ground. Thank you for not choosing the ones where I needed to support my body on a light (food babies are heavy).

  2. Oh Sara, I love your lifestyle posts so much. I always end up a) really inspired and b) starving hungry ;)


  3. FOOD. I've also always wanted to go to the LACMA, but whenever I go to southern California I end up staying in Anaheim (because Disneyland) and my family's place. Maybe one of these days I'll venture elsewhere and visit all the places you blog about ;)


  4. The food looks so good! Reading this has made me seriously hungry x

  5. Oh, models... such confidence, haha. Looks like a fun night!

  6. LOL you know I would never! We were struggle busing it so hard after all of that food.

  7. Ahh thank you Elle! <3 <3 You're the sweeeeeetest!!!

  8. Ooooh!! Anaheim is a lot of fun too -- I mean, who can say no to Disneyland! A quick trip to LA is so much fun. If you do get the chance, I hiiiiighly suggest the Getty over everything else. know...all of the food ;)

  9. Right?! I could eat kbbq forever. Such noms!

  10. Hahahha exactly! She was striking some really out there poses, in what looked like a wedding gown. Though she looked like she was freezing. I definitely would've felt a liiiittle uncomfortable with having to pose around all those people!

  11. The food looks marvellous!!! I needed to scroll faster so I won't feel hungry. Hehe. :) Looks like you had a splendid night!

  12. Oh wow, the food looks absolutely mouth-wateringly delicious! Yum! Sounds like a lovely night out! xo

  13. I love LACMA, haven't been there in a while and I just drop by again. Oh and I can't look at photo pictures without getting super hungry :)

    xo Sheree

  14. Right?? Gah food porn is my ultimate weakness...

  15. It's such a nice place! Even if you walk around the grounds and don't go inside, it's still really calming and interesting to see the art installations they have outside.


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