March 16, 2015

Cactus gardens at the Getty

Last time, C and I were on our way to explore the rest of the Getty. Our intention was to go look at some art, but when we saw this corridor off to the side, we couldn't resist. The call of sunshine and something new beckoned us closer, and before I knew it, we were drifting away from the pavilion entrances.

We found ourselves at the cactus gardens, known for being somewhat secluded from the rest of the center. It's off to the side, and most people either pop by for a quick look or forego the sight altogether.

It's well worth stopping by, especially on a hot day. The breeze wraps itself around you and cools you down, while the Los Angeles skyline peeps in from behind. This scene in itself is the perfect way to describe the Getty.

A secluded museum up in the hills, overlooking Los Angeles. Next to the freeway, the city, everything. There's all of this hustle and bustle, but as soon as you turn inside and away from the cars -- you're left in your own little world.

The Getty is the kind of place you could get lost in.

(And unlike the villa, you don't need a ticket reservation to go)

Some of the only photos of us together! I wasn't necessarily going to include these, but I thought it might be helpful since a lot of you thought we looked alike. Caitlin is on the right, I'm on the left (the order is reversed below). 

If you find yourself here and a little weary, pop a squat on a bench and relax under the shade of the jungle behind you. Kick your feet up, conduct mini photoshoots with your friends. Whatever you want!

Just note that you're not actually supposed to go into the adventure carefully! As in, make sure the guards aren't looking. Heh.

We ended up spending the rest of our time sitting here, enjoying being outside and catching up. It wasn't until the security guards starting kicking everyone out that we made our way out of the cactus gardens.

Unfortunately, everyone tries to leave at the same time because the center closes at 5:30pm on Sundays. So we ventured back towards all of the flowers near the entrance of the museum to kill some time before riding the tram.

And also dying because people kept blowing smoke right at us.

But finally, we were out. We were out and ready to grub. When we were sure that the parking lot would be stress-free and mostly empty, we scrambled into the car and sped towards our destination: Korean BBQ. But that's for next time.

(Thanks to Caitlin for the photos of me!)

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  1. oh lawd the obesity. Haha thanks for trying to pick the skinnier photos of me! But clearly that lady who helped us out, had no idea what our angles are.

  2. LOL girl, did you not see how there were barely any photos of me. I thought of the two of us, you look the best so I just spammed it with you. And not me. Because I looked like an elephant. AND I KNOW I have no idea how that lady took those photos. Like. The background wasn't even framed all that well!

  3. So pretty! I love all the cacti. And flowers. And everything. Looking forward to the Korean BBQ post for next time because I love food.

  4. Everything looks pretty! :) Totally love all the plants, cacti, and flowers. I need to get here (but too bad it's far from me boo hoo)

  5. GIRL food makes the world go 'round. The photos aren't the best for the next one, buuuut it's one of my favorite kbbq places in LA so. I thought I'd share anyway! :)

  6. Right?? Gah, if you ever ever ever have the chance, it's a total must. In the spring/summer, the Getty is an unstoppable force of breathtakingly beautiful gardens.

  7. LOLLL thats how I felt about my post. I think you look better than I do. Feeling like a whale.

  8. I will! If I ever got the chance, I will definitely go here. <3

  9. Gorgeous pictures!!

  10. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, gardens are always fun! That is one beautiful structure! I love the walls and the stones and just everything.

  11. Isn't it though? This place seriously blows my mind away every time that I'm here. And yeeees I love gardens!!!! So. Pretty.


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