February 23, 2015

Punky turquoise hair

Ever since I can remember, I've loved doing crazy things with my hair. I've made some very bad choices in the past (including letting my sister dye my hair red at home..which somehow led to my roots being red and the rest black -- you can imagine what kind of names I was called at school).

There was a time when I had purple highlights, when I had a soccer mom haircut, when I wanted to have a faux-hawk..from the back. Thankfully, I never gave into that last one. But! One thing I've wanted and never did was blue/green hair. 

Step one was getting my hair ombre, which you all know looked something like this.

For the record, I went to a salon to get this done. I was not about to mess with bleach at home and royally screw up my hair. While I think it's fun to experiment, and hair always grows back, I did want to spend some money to get it done well. 

After a few months, I was getting bored again. The idea of dyeing my hair came back, and...well. I tweeted yesterday that I took the dive.

A few notes, here. 

Please ignore the fact that I did a really bad job and missed spots everywhere. I don't know why I had a light hand with the dye -- it definitely shows in these pictures. I'm sure I'll get it better next time.

Also, yes, I know that it's green. I was hoping for turquoise, but because my hair wasn't as blonde as it needed to be before dyeing, it came out green. Which, to be honest, I'm not that mad about.  It sort of reminds me of Sabrina's hair.

Overall, I'm pretty stoked about how the color came out. I am still getting used to it, but for the most part I like it. Again, it's not as blue as I wanted, but I should have known better than to expect blue when my hair was brassy to begin with.

If you want to know what dye I used, I picked up Jerome Russell's Punky Colour in Turquoise. I left the dye in for about two hours, and rinsed with cold (okay, lukewarm) water until it ran mostly clear. I conditioned afterwards and let it air dry.

For maintenance and all of that, I'll be following Dainty Squid's hair tips and tricks. I also chose the dye based on her reviews, as I wanted to make sure I got something that wouldn't be damaging to my hair.

I also bought a tub of pink-red, so that'll be next on my list. Hopefully I won't miss so many spots then!

Have you ever dyed your hair a funky color? Do you have any tips for hair maintenance? Help a sister out!

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  1. I love it! I want to do something similar to mine but I want to do purple or lilac just because I could never dye my whole head one color, I'd like to keep the top half my natural color and do something fun and bright on the bottom. Hopefully in the next few months I'll do something bc I'm so bored with my hair right now! I can't wait to see you with red-pink!


  2. It looks awesome! Great colour choice

  3. I love it...the color is amazing! You look great!

  4. This looks so cool! Turquoise suits you really well! I thought about giving my ends a bright coloured ombre as well but I'm far too much of a chicken to pull through, especially as I royally screwed up my hair (as you put it) over the past years and I'm trying to finally grow it out.



  5. I feel you! I really wanted to do silver/lavender, but to get the color I wanted, I would've had to bleach the heck out of my hair :( Still nursing it back to health from last time! I vote that you should dye your hair something awesome :)

  6. Thanks girl! I was really concerned about making sure that my hair wasn't too damaged (I have bad hair quality to begin with) so I made sure to pick something that wouldn't do anything bad to it!

  7. I think it looks awesome and you really suit it! I wish I was brave enough to pull off a look like this x

  8. Thank you!! Haha I was SO nervous right after I bought the dye -- even though the color didn't came out exactly as I had hoped, I'm glad that it doesn't look too terrible >__<

  9. Wow, your hair looks so good!! So much vibrant colour from that little dub of dye. I've tried so many dyes but never this one. Looks amazing! xx

    Amy | www.perksofbeingamy.co.uk

  10. Oh Sara, this looks so amazing on you, I now seriously want to try it out!! Stunning lady :)



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