February 19, 2015

Mobius Arch, Alabama Hills

What I love about California is that it is overflowing with amazing nature. Any which direction you drive, you're bound to run into something breathtakingly beautiful. From the desert, to the mountains, to the beach, to the forest, to the lakes and cities and miscellaneous landmarks, California is kind of wonderful.

Eager to explore parts of California that I've not yet been to, Mariana and I planned for a trip to adventure around the famous Alabama Hills. Or, more specifically, the Mobius Arch.

What makes this place so awesome? It's where desert meets mountain, and it offers some of the best views I have ever had the privilege of seeing. As you drive up, you cruise right between the two -- mountains on one side, desert on the other. It's no surprise that this place is famous for having hosted background to movies, shows, commercials, and then some. 

You might recognize scenes from Gladiator, Iron Man, Transformers, How the West Was Won, etc.

When you make it to Lone Pine, you turn into what looks like a private road. You drive by ranches and plots of land stretching to the mountains. 

I had to snap this because it's so patriotic. The American flag waving in the mountain breeze, with the Sierras in the background. Whizzing past ranches and horses (so many horses!), big trucks and wire fences.

But! There was more to see than this road. After a few more turns and a dirt path that made you feel like you were in some old time Western with clouds of dirt billowing behind your car, you arrive at the trailhead for the Mobius Arch loop.

This is where I should tell you that I was overprepared. After having had just enough water on our Lost Palms Oasis trip, I wanted to make sure that I wasn't going to be without snacks, water, or protection of my wounds (still dramatic, I know).

The trail starts out so promising. You have a few hills to climb, all while taking in your surroundings. I know that I'm gushing, but I cannot get over how beautiful this place was. I have never seen the mountains up this close while in the desert -- or maybe I've never paid attention. Either way, it felt new and real and incredibly humbling.

After a bit of reflection, you continue onto a path and pass by one of the smaller arches. We would have gone up to play, but we were anticipating a long hike ahead of us and wanted to make sure we got to the Mobius Arch in good time.

That is, until, two minutes later we found our way to the arch. And scratched our heads at how easy that was.

Here it is, in all its beauty.

Wave hello to Mt. Whitney gracing us with her presence in the background! The sun was on the other side of the arch, so I had to position myself to block it out. It ended up giving me too much of the rock behind the arch, but a gloriously illuminated view of Whitney.

But then..that was about it. We sat on a rock and looked some photos of the rocks around us, and made plans for what to do next. What took us three and half hours to drive to, occupied all of 10 minutes to hike to. I honestly want to say that we spent less than an hour there.

Though I could never deny being awed by this place, and I don't regret the trip at all. I'm not sure if it was totally worth the time it took us to get there, but! It was an opportunity to once again admire this earth and the many adventures that I have before me.

Anybody up for going on an adventure with me?

On a last note were greeted with the most beautiful sunset on our way back through the Mojave. I don't have any words for these colors other than: Lisa Frank.

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  1. I need to leave the OC more. Take me with you!!!!

  2. Oh wow. This is gorgeous! I know California is beautiful, I drove from San Francisco to San Diego and I realized how stunning this state was, I hope I get to visit this place at one point.

    xo naomi

  3. Amazing pictures!! I’m missing California right now.

  4. Did you drive down PCH? The coastal drive is SO beautiful, it blows me away every time I find myself on it. The California deserts are so worth exploring, especially when you're coming from the east -- through the desert, through the cities, and do the edge of the water. It's oddly satisfying!

  5. Thank you! Hahaha, California awaits you! :)

  6. Yesss! The PCH is hands down the best drive ever. I can't wait to explore the desert at one point in life.

  7. If you do, I know I talk about Joshua Tree forever & ever, but it really is one of my favorite places ever. Beautiful desert!

  8. Gorgeous photos! I'm loving the sunset ones...absolutely beautiful!

  9. Dude does the sky ever look ugly in California!? I'm in love! You seriously do so much exploring... I would love to hang out with you one day so you can take me with you! :D please plan a trip to central Florida!! :)


  10. Thank you!! Honestly, the landscape does all the work -- that sunset blew me away.

  11. LOL we have our overcast days (like today, sad)! AND YEEEES girl I want to visit Florida so badly. We'll have to coordinate something! I'm planning on doing a lot of travels after my studying is over so Florida, here I come >:)

  12. These pictures are amazing! California is so beautiful, I really need to go back and explore some more. The skies are just so much clearer than here in London! xx

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  13. Thank you Jasmin!! Gah, I am counting my blessings being able to have warm California weather. Having lived in NY for a couple of years, I'm thankful that it's not snowing and that I don't need a winter coat anymore!! :)


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