January 8, 2015

More at the Getty Villa and the Getty Center

Say hello to Alexander the Great.

Last I wrote, we were still admiring the outside of the Getty Villa. Right after checking out the different balconies, we headed on in and dove into some of the art they had on display -- starting with these statue heads lined against the windows in a row. Some of them had names, some of them were simply titled "Some man..."

One of my favorite parts about going to museums is getting to peek at ancient jewelry and items of worth, such as this golden wreath crown. It looks delicate, as if the golden leaves would tremble at the slightest breeze.

I know that likely isn't true as these things needed to be sturdy, but still. Isn't it beautiful?

Passing through different side doors and hallways leads you to the statues of women. This one above was possibly Octavia Minor, though they aren't sure -- it could also very well be a nameless woman. But I like to think it's Octavia Minor.

Faustina the Elder.

The nose used to be missing, but they reconstructed it based on other portraits of Faustina. It makes me endlessly curious to know if they got the nose right, or if it was slightly different. I guess we'll never know.

Still, I can appreciate the amount of detail carved into the marble.

After you've walked through rooms with all sorts of ancient coins and pendants, wine cups and plates, mummies and masks, you can go back outside and head on into the family room. This room has a screen you can stand behind to create shadows and interact with changing scenes.

You can also draw on your own drinking cups (aka huge bowls that they used for wine -- I approve).

After all of that, you can either go back down and sit in the sun or head on out. 

We rushed out to grab a quick bite to eat and make our way to the Getty Center before sunset. It was such a sunny day, when I tried to take a couple of last photos of the ocean in the background at the Villa, it ended up looking like a sea of light. 

Which brings us to the Getty Center. I don't have many photos here as we just caught the sunset, but believe me, this place is worth coming to just the same.

There's much more art here and a bit more recognizable. They do quite a bit of filming here -- have you seen any of these? I like to reference Star Trek: Into Darkness.

I love the garden at the Center as well. In the spring and summer, the big tree-like things at the base of the walkway overflow with bright pink flowers. It's a beautiful thing to see.

If you're ever in LA, please do go check out both the Center and the Villa. If you go on the same day, you can pay for parking once and park at both places, which is a complete win. Just make sure that you reserve tickets and make a reservation online for the Villa beforehand. Entry is free (other than parking), but they have you sign up for a time slot to control traffic.

This makes sure that you don't get to push through crowds of people and can somewhat browse the grounds by yourself. It's so lovely. You can find more information on their website.

And final note, if you can, try to go in the spring! It's definitely worth waiting to see the gardens in full bloom and having warmer days to frolic outside a bit.

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  1. Looks like an amazing place to visit. The statues are insane!! Those are some super talented sculptors!


  2. Right?? Gah. I wish I had just a fraction of that kind of skill and talent.


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