January 19, 2015

Goodbye, Oregon!

I'm kind of sad that this is my last Oregon post for now, but I promise you it's a good one. 

This beach is empty to the point which it looks like a secret. Even though it's not a secret. It's just surprisingly...on its own. When you peek around the cliff in my last post, you'll find this amazing view.

And if you turn around, you'll find the other member of your party. The one who decided they didn't want to climb down and get their shoes wet. But you, brave adventurer, you decided to go down. And hopefully, you heeded the advice in my last Oregon Coast post and brought rain boots with you.

The mist from the waves creates a sort of haze through which you can see rock islands in the distance. They go on and on, seemingly forever. 

My sister and I commented that the area reminded us of The Goonies.

I'm still convinced there should have been a ship in the distance, waiting for us. Perhaps Orlando Bloom would come in dressed as Will Turner and -- oh. I'm getting carried away now.

If you have rain boots on, or the weather is nice enough for you to take your shoes off and go into the water, go in! Splash around and explore as much as your heart desires. If you're wearing normal boots like me, you might want to be a little bit more careful and find places to go that are safely above the waves.

"Bring me that horizon."

As much as I wanted to spend all day here, we had to go and get down the coast before it got dark. So we rushed off and onto a familiar place...

...Cooks Chasm, which you should remember from last time!

That geyser will always be impressive. 

On our way to our last stop, the sun burst through the clouds in another golden puddle in the middle of the ocean.

Can you believe how soft these waves looked? It wasn't just in the photos. The waves themselves looked soft and fluffy. Like they were happening in slow motion even in real life, through my own eyes.

We even spotted what we think are seals! Can you spot it?

In the end, you drive back to wherever you're going through what looks like miles and miles of forest. Magical looking forests that remind you of movies and stories you read as a child.

But still, what lasts in your mind is the memory of those waves. The rugged coast creating the most beautiful scene, and a lack of people that makes it all seem like your own personal adventure.

I can effectively say that I have fallen in love with the Oregon coast.

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  1. That forrest photo? LOTR all the way. Especially Fellowship when they are hiding from the Black Riders after running into Merry and Pippin.

  2. Yes, basically!!!! I thought the same thing when I was looking back at these photos, haha. Don't put the ring on...

  3. The misty waves, the lush forests... I'm speechless. Gorgeous pictures. Now, I definitely know where I want to go on holiday sometimes.
    I totally second the LotR comment!



  4. I'm so sad this is the last Oregon post :( it is so beautiful and I've enjoyed seeing the photos. I am so glad this is in the states, which means I can 100% for sure visit this place one day. And I will!! And all thanks to you - if you hadn't posted these beautiful pictures I don't think I ever would have thought about Oregon!


  5. Oh wow, gorgeous photos! I definitely need to visit Oregon!

  6. Yay! I hope you do get to visit the Oregon coast at some point -- and haha, it's such a magical place -- definitely does feel like a Lord of the Rings moment!

  7. THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY!!!! Really though!! Oregon is so underrated and the coast is breathtaking -- I can't been to any of the cities other than Eugene so I don't really know how they compare, but the coast...it's something else entirely!

  8. Thank you!! It's such a lovely place. Definitely worth visiting!

  9. Absolutely stunning pictures as usual! I jsut want to hop on a plane to Oregon right away! xx

  10. What a beautiful post, I kind of feel rejuvenated from reading this (love your writing) and enjoying the photographs! So, so nice :)

  11. Oh my goodness your photos are beautiful! I would give anything to be in them, looks so tranquil!

  12. Thank you lady!! It was a wonderfully quiet place, and there was nobody around for miles. It's like having your own beach to play on.


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