December 8, 2014

Rugged Oregon Coast

One thing I've heard a lot of from friends who've been to Oregon is that the coast is breathtaking. Having lived in California for most of my life, I wasn't sure what to expect. How different would it be from the California coast? From my LA beaches? In my head, despite having seen photos, I didn't think I would be that impressed.

I was so, completely wrong.

When I last wrote about my trip to Oregon, I explored the University of Oregon on Thanksgiving. I mentioned then that the campus was a like stepping inside a little slice of some storybook. If that was a slice, then the coast is like wrapping yourself up in a chapter.

At our first stop, we intended to go down and see the seal caves that this spot was advertising. Excited, we rushed inside the shop with coats tightly wrapped around our bodies. After discovering that the seals were at that moment not on the rocks and instead in the water, and that it would be $12 per person, we opted out and peeked at the view outside.

$12 is kind of a lot for not being guaranteed sight of some seals flapping around. The stop wasn't bad though, as you can see above. We called it the Light of God. You can't really tell in the photo, but it was a beam of sunshine bursting through the clouds and the rain. Brilliant, no?

Anyway, we were quickly off for our next venture. We were planning on going to get some oysters, and had to hurry to get there before they closed.

But...when we saw this sight, we had to stop. And this, my friends, was the highlight of my entire trip. This is forever what I will remember when thinking about the Oregon Coast.

From up top, you get a great view of the water and a natural geyser that spews when the waves come crashing in.

On the way down, you catch sight of a little waterfall beneath the bridge. It looks so magical to me. I kept thinking to myself, is this place real? Am I really here? 

That feeling only intensifies once you get to the bottom and are free to roam this little beach. Nothing beats the feeling of ocean spray and the smell of the sea enveloping you in its nautical embrace. Something about it makes you realize that there are forces bigger than you, and in this world, you are but a blip. An important, unique blip, but still a dot on the plane.

The day we went was seriously windy, so there was sea foam flying everywhere. I don't really see sea foam like this in California, so it was quite a sight for me. Especially while it was attacking my face when a particularly wild breeze swept through.

I also may have cried, "Ariel!" when I saw the foam. Too much? Maybe.

While I was taking photos of the waves, my sister snapped a few shots on her phone. It's probably best that I didn't know she took these, otherwise I'd tense up and look something like Quasimodo.

Make sure you have rain boots/wellies before you go! As you can see, you will get wet. Even if you're going in the warmer months, there are tons of rocks, so it'll be a good idea to have some sort of shoe that will either let all the water out, or keep it all from getting in.

Mine are a Fendi pair that I bought years ago.

This is that little geyser that shoots up with the coming of waves. I completely forgot to jot down notes as to where this is or what this place was called, so I'm sorry! But it's somewhere just south of Newport if that helps.

Ah, and here are the oysters that we had. If you're ever in the area, please, please go check out Oregon Oyster Farms. I'm not the biggest fan of oysters, but these are so good. The people at the shop were also really kind and left a box for us as we were a little late and were set to arrive after they closed.

So please go! And while I wish this was sponsored, this is totally me just telling you that these are the best. Anybody in Oregon will tell you the same.

The best part is that you can eat these right on the water. As you drive by there are mounds of oyster shells right next to this place. It was getting dark and we were cold, so we took ours on ice and raced back to my sister's apartment. But during the warmer months, I can imagine eating these on the water is unbelievably good.

I ended the night with a little bit of doodling. My sister had special markers and some white mugs, so I made three. The middle one is an inside joke with my family, while the first one is a take at the book covers for The Hobbit, and the third mug the silhouettes of the fellowship. Not bad, right?

Though the colors were different once the mugs were baked and set, I still had a lot of fun. Throwback to my pre-college days when my sister and I would hit up those paint your own cups/plates/intricate sculptures places.

Anyway, if you ever have the chance, do go visit the Oregon Coast. It's a completely different and special beast of its own.

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  1. Wow, these photos are gorgeous!! And you look cute in your yellow boots! :)


  2. i love all the pictures!! i want to go to oregon and play!
    how did you get the picture motion?

    xx Sabrina | GYPSYTAN.CO
    IG: @gypsytan

  3. Thank you lady!! :) I love them boots, haha.

  4. Thanks Sabrina! The coast is so much fun to go and roam around. Lots of great hiking!
    And it's super easy -- I did mine in Photoshop, but all you have to do is open up the animation tab and make each layer a different frame. I can do a tutorial if you'd like?

  5. Beautiful landscape images!! I can't even express how much I love being out there with the wild nature! Your boots are super cute as well!:)

    Oly / TLV Birdie Blog


  6. Wow! Having just read your Joshua Tree post, this landscape is completely different! Stunning photos again! Hannah xx

  7. Thanks so much Hannah! :D That's super kind of you! And the coast is definitely different, but stunning all the same, right? Sigh, I need to go back.


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