December 1, 2014

Exploring the University of Oregon (and a little bit of Thanksgiving)

I always say that I miss autumn in New York -- I love seeing the way the trees change colors and the air gets a little more crisp. Upon my arrival in Oregon, I was welcomed to the chilly Oregonian weather with open arms.

We went and followed my sister as she gave us a mini-tour of the campus. I must say, I am a little jealous. Their campus is beautiful.

Because it was the day of Thanksgiving and it was rainy, there were barely any people there. Which turned out to be perfect, as we were able to browse at our leisure and take photos of each other without shame.

Blogger problems: feeling awkward in public for taking copious amounts of photos.

The trees were decorated with droplets of rain, which made them all look like they were ready for Christmas. Don't they just look like lights?

This made me laugh so much! They have duck prints all over the walkways to show you the paths. If anything, U of O is definitely proud to be the Ducks.

I thought this tree looked like something right out of a movie. Fat, ripe persimmons hanging heavily from branches like thick moon jewels. Had they not been so high up, I would have tried to swipe a few to taste.

Pioneer Mother is a bit of an interesting statue. Apparently, there is another statue on the other side of a building which looks directly at the Pioneer Mother. That statue? The Pioneer. From what I've been told, their eye-lines match up.

Because Oregon is so rainy and humid, there's moss everywhere. It's really magical when you're walking down the road and the brick wall beside you is bursting with colored moss and little flowers. Coming from dry California, it's like being in a whole new world.

After roaming the campus, we headed back to the apartment to make Thanksgiving dinner. Here are just a few quick shots of what we had.

I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving! Tomorrow is exciting because it's my birthday. I'm turning 23, eek! I know that it's not that old, but it feels substantially older than 22. I can't blast T-Swizzle's song anymore. 

I also can't wait to show you all what we got up to the next day. All I have to say is that the Oregon coat is brilliant.

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  1. I'm SO jealous! I'm dying to go to Oregon! I really want to run the Eugene Marathon which finishes at Hayward Field!

  2. PERSIMMONS. They are the love of my life right now...gurl, you know I would've monkey-ed up that tree for some.

  3. Guh, right? I felt like I was being taunted -- they looked SO good. Had I not been wearing jeans too tight to breathe in, I would've Chun-Li'ed that.

  4. AHhh you should go! We should coordinate a trip! There's an awesome burger place in Eugene that seriously surprised me because the rest of the town is a little bit dead...but the coast is so gorgeous. It really blew me away (and of course, what seems like perpetual fairytale-land on campus).

  5. Great photos, looks like an amazing place would love to go and visit one day.

  6. YUM YUM YUM look at all that food!! I miss Thanksgiving now!!


  7. What a gorgeous place (I wish there were campuses like this where I live), and I love the cute pics you guys took! Everything looks wonderful :)

  8. I love the pictures of the university campus! It looks so calm as opposed to when it would be during exams. :)
    Miss Blue Eyes

  9. Right? Perpetual Thanksgiving (and Thanksgiving holiday), please.

  10. Isn't it magical?? I swear, it blew me away. It really felt like walking through some storybook.

  11. HAHA that's so true!! I was there right before finals, so I'm sure the next week or so will be filled with students carrying books and stuffing themselves into the library.


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