December 4, 2014

#BeatMyBurger with Sorted Food at YouTube Space in LA

On Tuesday, I turned twenty-three. It was a rainy day and wasn't terribly exciting...except for the fact that I was invited to attend the tasting for Sorted Food's ultimate burger quest. At the YouTube Space in LA.

Can you hear my body about to burst?

Yeah. I have been a massive fan of Sorted for years now. Not only was it super exciting for me to get to meet someone from the team (it was Barry, and can I just say that he's really charming and nice?), I got to eat burgers. Which, for my birthday, was a big win.

As I was allowed a guest, I asked Caitlin if she would come along with me and be my date for the night. It doesn't hurt that she was planning on coming out to see me anyway for my birthday!

We got ourselves sorted (ha!) and found seats across from a very friendly and lovely couple. They were both so sweet and took care to capture my many moments of fangirling throughout the night. I am still waiting to receive those shots, but I'll be sure to share those once I get them.

I have absolutely no shame.

But look at this place! We were just in the main lobby area, and Caitlin and I were in love. This is the sort of place that we wanted to roam around in -- what did the sets look like? Could we explore the different rooms? Obviously, we weren't allowed to...but that might have been for the better. We were itching to reenact the scene from the Hunger Games when Katniss shoots the arrow past Plutarch Heavensbee to snag the pig.

We are the absolute worst at taking photos together. I'm not sure what it is about us, but we are terrible! Selfies are always off, and photos of us taken by others look so strange. Like this one. 

As we waited for the burgers to come out, we were presented with a huge bowl of roasted potato wedges. Barry came by at some point and said hello, chatting with us for a few minutes. It was a really nice experience, and he seemed genuinely kind. 

I'm still not sure if it was weird for me to admit that I had been a fan for years and that the first video I saw of them was a video that I don't even think is up anymore on their channel. It's been that long! Now they have over a million subscribers, and they've done some really cool things along the way.

Let me backtrack a little bit here and give some more information on what the whole event was about. Sorted has been asking their viewers and YouTubers alike: what is the ultimate burger? They set out creating different types of burgers, highlighting some that people posted via their app, and having the community vote on their top 5 picks.

Then they reached out to their viewers and asked them to come do a taste test. I sent in a photo of a pastrami burger that we did once at our restaurant, and I crossed my fingers. After a bit of waiting, I was invited, and we all gathered to taste the top five burgers that the Sorted community had chosen.

The five: lamb burger, "double happiness", veggie burger, crab cake sliders, and a Korean inspired pork burger. We grabbed samples of each and slid on back to our seats to not-so-delicately stuff our faces.

The verdict? Well, C and I decided that our picks were as follows (our favorite being the top card): lamb burger, double happiness, veggie burger, pork burger, and crab cake sliders.

To be very honest, the double happiness was dry and a little lackluster. The crab cake sliders and the veggie burger were really mushy, while the pork burger lacked the bite that I expected the kimchi to have. It wasn't bad, but it had a lot of potential. We both thought the lamb burger was the best -- something about that jam just made it really fresh and light.

Then, as the evening carried on, we voted for our favorite burgers while Barry went and mingled with everyone again. He took time to have conversations with every guest and took multiple photos with everyone. I am a little ashamed of the shots I have, mostly because I look like a balloon. I've been very selective here. 

When I asked him for a goofy photo, he looked at me and asked, "Piggyback?" I thought I'd break him, so I offered to have him jump on my back instead. Of course, he thought I was crazy. We settled on our best thug poses -- though I think he won. 

Make sure you stay on the lookout for their new video tomorrow -- they'll be announcing the winner of the burger quest on their channel: sortedfood. They took some footage of people around the events, so keep your eyes peeled! I may be somewhere in the background!

EDIT. It's here! They announced who the winner of the Burger Quest was. You'll have to go watch the video to see who won (and yes, I'm in the background flipping my hair, as I do).

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It was a great birthday. Not at all what I was expecting, but a kind of low-key that was exactly what I wanted.

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  1. those burgers look so good! glad you had a good birthday!


  2. Happy belated birthday!! This looks like it was sooo much fun! All of that food is making me hungry!

  3. Thanks so much Sara! :) And guh, I know. Looking at the photos now makes me hungry again...

  4. I literally just bought a burger because of your post. Although it wasn't quite up to par with what these ones looked like

  5. The burgers look super delicious! Happy belated birthday

    Made in Mauve

  6. LOL I'm sure it was great! The lamb burger was a winner in my book, but not all of these were so tasty..haha.

  7. Great pics! Yummy!

  8. Burger? TASTING?! YES. COUNT ME IN. Though, the veggie burger would be the only one to apply to me, but oh my gosh -- something about stacking food in between two fluffy breads is just majestic.

    Thank you for sharing! I'm so hungry now.. ~u~

  9. Right?? Doesn't it just sound like something you want to happen all day every day? Guh. The veggie burger here was a little bit like mush, but I think it was due more to preparation than the actual recipe. Definitely worth giving a whirl! But haha, anything that can be used as an excuse to eat bread is good in my book.

    Thanks for stopping by!


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