November 3, 2014

Tsujita LA and my first tsukemen

At the beginning of October, Caitlin and I made plans to see a screening of Gone Girl. After waiting for an hour in line, we were told (along with a huge chunk of other people who had been waiting longer than us) that we were not going to make it in. Apparently, they had a number of guaranteed seating tickets, that nobody was aware of.

Slightly annoyed, and rather hungry, we scurried off in search for some sustenance. C has been wanting to try Tsujita LA, so we dashed off and put our names down on the crazy wait list. 

We kept sticking out faces into the light so that we could take better photos -- we always end up busting out our cameras at night, when it's dark, and when we're restricted to blurry shots and super yellow coloring.

And we were waiting for what felt like an eternity. This place was so packed!

I think this face sums up pretty well how I felt about the tsukemen here. We both ordered the char siu, which came out as juicy pork atop a bed of noodles.

The way you're supposed to eat tsukemen is to take a small bunch of noodles and dip them into the soup, then to consume hungrily and happily. Take a bite of whatever toppings you have as well for added enjoyment.

I assume the soup is a definite punch of flavor because you just dip the noodles in, rather than having the noodles soak and swim in the broth itself.

That yolk porn.

Overall thoughts? The soup was really salty, which may be the whole appeal. What made the experience sort of weird was that everything was lukewarm or cold. The noodles weren't warm, the soup wasn't warm, the pork wasn't warm. A disappointing and cold meal.

Given the price tag on this, and how salty everything was, I'm not sure I'd go back. This is a popular spot, though, and the number of people there was surprising. Maybe we caught them on an off-night, I'm not really sure..but I don't think this is something I'd go back to.

Per usual, a car selfie. This time, with crazy effects because I didn't realize the shutter speed was so slow.

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