November 24, 2014

Pumpkin Pancakes.

Like most other bloggers, I wanted to do some Thanksgiving themed posts. The only problem for me is that I have absolutely no want to make things that I'm going to make for Thanksgiving...early. I'm lazy, we know this.

So instead of adding to the abundance of Thanksgiving dinner recipes out there (if you need some suggestions though, I'm going to link a few of my favorites thus far at the end), I opted for something lighter. Something that arguably could be had any time.

Pumpkin pancakes.

Honestly, I can't even call this a recipe. I didn't make the pancake mix -- I just thought that Thanksgiving day is going to be filled with cooking. Making stuffing, roasting turkey, etc. I'm going to want something super simple to whip up in the morning.

But I'm posting this here anyway, because..why not? They're the easiest pumpkin pancakes you could make, and they're made all the easier with pre-made pancake mix! Don't hate me.

What you're going to need:

Pancake mix -- you can make your own, or just use something you can buy pre-made. I'm all about minimizing work on Thanksgiving, know.

Pumpkin mix -- this is something we used for pumpkin ravioli at our restaurant, but it's a mix of pumpkin puree (maybe I'll do a post about this at some point?), salt and pepper, almonds, and parmesan cheese.

Whisk, ladle, spoon.

Christmas tunes -- this one is optional, but highly recommended. 

Scoop some pancake mix. I used a cup.

Get yourself some pumpkin mix! I used a few tablespoons, but you can eye this and put in as much as you please.

Add in some water! The package says to put in 2/3 cups of water, but we needed a little bit more. 

Whisk it all up!

My camera died, so I had to use my phone at the end...but these are the pancakes. They were pretty good, and I'll definitely be making this on the morning of Thanksgiving.

Looking out for all you lazy people out there -- I feel you. Happy eating!

And for Thanksgiving recipes for you to check out...
As always, A Beautiful Mess has a turkey that I'm itching to make (at least the setting -- so pretty!). And gravy, because of course.

Food 52 has a cheddar and black pepper cornbread that makes my mouth water.

Another friend of mine, Caitlin, has a stuffing you can try out if you're keeping it gluten-free.

Over on Do It Delicious, garlic and thyme mashed potatoes.

Finally, two types of butternut squash crostini: with a balsamic glaze at Fifteen Spatulas, or with sage on Chez CateyLou.

I also want to make a pie, but I haven't found a recipe that speaks to me we'll see what happens.

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  1. This looks delish (want this for breakfast right about now)! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Haha yaaaay for easy, lazy pumpkin pancakes! All of the noms, minimal effort ;)

  3. Ahh thank you for stopping by! :) Haha, I will gladly share all of the pumpkin pancakes!

  4. Pumpkin pancakes, yum!! I should make these for my husband, he LOVES pumpkin! :D


  5. YEEEES you should!! They're so good, and so easy. You can use canned pumpkin puree, or you can just roast some pumpkin and then stick it in a food processor with parmesan, almonds, salt, and pepper. It's so good *0*


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