October 20, 2014

R+D Kitchen, Santa Monica

This entire post is a lesson on how not to take blog photos. They are all in poorly lit areas with shaky hands and a camera that keeps everything yellow, no matter how many times you fiddle with the white balance. 

If you don't mind the abhorrent state of these photos, then please keep reading and understand that while I wasn't going to put these pictures up, this is the only time I've really documented an adventure with my dear friend Caitlin since we were both in school. And that's crazy to me!

C took me to the LF sale happening in Santa Monica, which was a big hot mess. It was bad enough that it was hot in there -- add my clunky camera and a hand full of things, I couldn't really browse the way that I would have wanted to. 

But still. Sale. I ended up buying the cutest striped dress and a pineapple scarf. I'll have to show you all soon.

We had actually gone to R+D Kitchen before popping over to LF, but because the wait was so long, we wanted to kill some time elsewhere. Naturally, we lost track of time and missed our names being called. After some more waiting (and turning into starving beasts), we were finally whisked away to our table.

We started with the Dip Duo, which comes with sweet guacamole and a mountain of queso.

C and I decided to share, so we ordered a crispy chicken sandwich and a burger. Funnily enough, we each ended up liking what we ordered more than the other person's order. Ha!

The food here was pretty decent -- nothing that I'd squeal about, but definitely worth a visit..if only for the dip duo (the mountain of queso, guys...queso) and a few drinks. What makes me like R+D so much, though, was the staff. We had a wonderful server by the name of Brett. He was amazing and took care of us as it was our first time eating there.

We even talked about my camera! I hope he gets one too, soon.

Anyway, this was one of the first times I've ever gone somewhere and someone understood my food photography struggles. Taking photos in restaurants is difficult because they're so dimly lit, and I feel a bit self-conscious about busting out my big camera at the table. But Caitlin understood and actively participated in the snap party that happened as soon as the food touched the table. 

I often forget how nice it is to be around other bloggers/social media savvy friends. It's comforting to have someone take the camera and also snap a few photos of you, instead of awkwardly asking them to take a picture. 

I need more days like this.

Cue our awkward car selfie snapshot. We had so many, but they were all blurry, weird, or photos just for the C+S vaults.

Again, a lesson in how not to take blog photos. I promise it'll be better next time.

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