October 6, 2014

Mesa Verde, the cliff-dwellers

Our last stop in Colorado was Mesa Verde. It's home to tons of little villages housed on the cliff-sides of the Ancestral Pueblo people. You can see the different 'mesas' with their flat tops as you drive, and the road winds between them to take you to the tour sites.

We got tickets to go tour Cliff Palace, though it was a few hours later than what we had wanted. If possible, go early! Buy your tickets the night before! You have to actually go to the welcome center to get tickets, so plan accordingly, friends.

Otherwise, suffer in the heat like we did.

Since we had time to kill, we headed to Spruce Tree House as it's one of the only free sites you can go roam by yourself.

There's a little kiva, which acted as a little communal meeting place in the village. You could climb down into darkness and see basically nothing..but still, pretty cool to go down the ladder.

My terribly adorable parents.

Starting the tour off right! Down a narrow stairwell to the gate where the park ranger collected our tickets and said hello.

Welcome to my throne. Haha.


There must have been some sort of fire as there were huge patches of dead trees -- very cool to see, but sad to think about. Tree trunks were strewn around as if they were light as feathers.

But we couldn't stay for long. We had an agenda! We had to make it to California before the end of the night. So we raced off to our last stop of the trip: the four corners.

I for some reason had big expectations for this. I vaguely remember watching Breaking Bad and seeing Skyler have to make a huge decision there. I won't spoil it if you haven't seen the show before, but does anybody else remember this as being an epic moment?

I was a little disappointed. And they charge per person! Not per car! They count how many people you have in your car...what.

A little bit let down, we went back on our way and drove for what seemed like an eternity. Shortly after 2 in the morning, I settled into my own bed and thanked the stars that I was finally home.
So much traveling this summer. As much as I've enjoyed it, I am going to really enjoy getting to stay put for a little bit.

And as the last plug, I made a video/vlog of the trip. I forgot about the clips from the Rockies and from Mesa Verde, but go check it out if you haven't already? And my shameless plug: please subscribe! I want to make more videos, as I think it's quite a fun outlet.

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