October 30, 2014

Easy last minute Halloween costumes

If there's one thing that's true, I am not the greatest of planners when it comes to costumes or makeup. I just sort of do whatever feels right at the time and wing it. It's no surprise, then, that I am so late with this post.

This entire month, I kept telling myself that I would do a costume or two for the blog..and, well, I didn't. So here, the day before Halloween, I made up with two looks that are so ridiculously simple. I didn't buy a thing. And while I hiiighly suggest you get a hat for Lydia's look, you can improvise either of these with whatever you've got on hand.

Be warned. This is super image heavy post, so grab yourself a snack and come back for a step-by-step. Please excuse the mess in the background, as my brother's room gets the best lighting in our house.

First up, Frida Kahlo!


Start out with a clean face. Apply your BB cream of choice, concealer, and powder it all off for a nice finish. Frida's got some nice skin, so I wanted to give myself an even canvas as I'm not going to be adding a whole lot more to this base.

Then start piling on that blush! It looks really slight in this photo because of the lightning, but I kept building off of this until I had solidly pink cheeks. Kind of signature of Frida, you know? Also, for hair, try doing a braided up-do.

Fill in your brows. Using a brow pencil (or black eyeshadow if you're like me and you don't have a dark eyebrow pencil), lightly connect the two eyebrows. I used light strokes here and kept going until I had the opacity that I liked. 

After looking at photos of Frida, I decided to lighten up the unibrow effect. If you look at photos of her, the unibrow is just rather slight -- not a solid caterpillar crawling across her face. If you want to, though, go for intense opacity if you'd like!

(When editing the photos, I also lost a bit of the coloring on the unibrow..so it was more prominent in person than in these photos!)

Don't forget to also feather in little whiskers.  

Slap on a coat of mascara and some lipstick, and you're almost done! If you have a flower crown, pop that on. If not, try pinning real flowers into your hair. I braided my hair all the way around and used a flower crown that Caitlin gave to me over the weekend.


I wore a dress that was too big for me, but the top is velvet with shoulder pads and an amazing detailed skirt. For some reason, I thought it fit. I also threw across a shawl and some earrings my sister bought in Turkey a few years ago.

Next is Lydia Deetz.

I thought this one would be the easiest, but I had to make a makeshift hat at the very last minute by covering a hat with a cardigan. You can tell. If you have time, go to the store and get a cheap hat. Hat.

Excuse the hair! I don't have bangs, so I had to pin my hair up weirdly to get the same effect. I should have done it at the end, but...oh well.

Anyway. Start off by using a BB cream or foundation that is a little bit lighter than your skin color. Lydia is pretty pale, so you want to wash out your skin as much as possible.

Add in those dark circles with a brown eyeshadow. Sweep the brush along the hollows of your eyes.

Add a little bit of black liner to your lower lash line and waterline. Tightline the top half and add a coat of mascara. 

Now, at this point, change into your dress/clothes of choice and pop on your hat. If you don't have a black hat, go get one! It looks weird when you try to do this! Or make your own, but don't do it the way I did. It's weird. And looks weird.

I opted for a black dress and a long black duster coat. 

Of course, I couldn't forget the camera! This is an old film camera that I have. Isn't it a beauty? 

Sorry for the bluriness. Very difficult to take photos using self-timer and a tripod, apparently! 

Let me know if you try out either of these super easy, last minute Halloween costumes. You probably have most of the stuff to make these costumes happen already, which makes it that much easier. And, for the lazy people out there, I feel you. I get you. Minimal work put forth.

Happy Halloween!

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  1. These are great costume ideas... You did such an amazing job! :)


  2. That really means a lot to me coming from you! I love all of the cosplay and characters-in-real-life outfit posts that you do :)


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