October 23, 2014

Drought in Angeles National Forest

Californians love to hike. More specifically, Angelenos love to hike. I'm not sure if this is because most of the time the weather is perfect for hiking or because we have great spots easily accessible to us at all times, but we take advantage and hike as often as possible.

We strayed from our regular spots a few weekends ago and headed over to Angeles National Forest for a little breather. This may have not been the smartest as it was well into the 90's that day and ridiculously hot..but man, was it a sight to see.

While I was in New York, I had heard a lot about the drought in California. Having not spent extended periods of time at home over the past five years, I didn't really grasp how severe it was until we went on this hike.

Where there once was a river, was almost completely barren. People used to actually use the water here -- people would fish, swim, trek across the water to get to different hiking paths. Now? There are no fish -- there is no water. Trees are dying and it was shocking for me to realize how desperately we are in need of water..of some rain.

(On a lighter note, I'm quite pleased with this family photo! I am rather good at finding makeshift tripods via rocks and trees, if I do say so myself!)

I mentioned this on Instagram, but you know you are Korean when you pack kimbap for road trips and other notable events (hikes, adventures to parks, etc). Kimbap, for those who don't know, is a Korean staple. It's white rice and a combination of different ingredients (typically with carrots and spinach, but we like the non-adult option) wrapped in a layer of dried seaweed. 

It's delicious and incredibly handy for on-the-go eating.

Feeling rather adventurous, I was! My legs were shaking, even though it wasn't really that high up -- I kept thinking it was going to break beneath me and I'd wake up laying awkwardly on top of a rock with incredible pain.

Dramatic, yes.

And..there was the view! What was supposed to be the top of the waterfall here, turned out to be a disappointing view of a little stream down below. Apparently, when the waterfall is in full force, it's quite the sight.

If you go, I highly suggest crossing the bridge to hike into the river, instead of on top of it. With this drought, you don't get to see much and just end up scratching up your legs.

I didn't quite make it up the first time around..so I had to go back on the return trip to redeem myself.

Victory tasted so, so sweet.

If you can see at the top of the tree, there's a woodpecker! I've never seen one before, but this little guy was pecking away with such force I thought he'd surely drill a hole right through the trunk.

It was a nice, leisurely hike, but I do wish it would rain so that the river would return. Would the fish return, too? 

And on a different note, I think I'm going to try and post twice a week again -- I hope if you're a reader, you'll be into that!

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  1. That is so sad that river is so dry. Sometimes I complain about the rain but looking at this now I think I should be thankful for the amount of rain that Florida gets. That's a great family photo, I can't believe you didn't even use an actual tripod, haha it turned out great!


  2. We definitely need more rain!! Even though we've gotten a little bit more this past season than usual, still not enough. And haha, tripods are so heavy to take around >__< (also sorry this comment is so late!!)


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