September 1, 2014

Broken arches and windows in Utah.

Summer means vacation, eating ice cream without shame, and spending as much time in the sun without getting sunstroke. For me, this summer meant traveling around the States. From frolicking in Chicago to running around Eugene, from moving from New York to Los Angeles, I thought it would only be appropriate to top it all off with a road trip.

Or, really, the opportunity for a road trip came up and I snatched it as quickly as I could.

We packed our bags, rented a car, and set out on an adventure. 

As exciting as road trips can be, I often forget that it involves a lot of driving..through things that aren't all that interesting.

The first night, we drove from California through Arizona and by the morning had made our way to Utah.

We headed to Arches National Park for some amazing sights. These rock formations look like huge villages carved out of stone, villagers of stacked boulders stuck in time. It had just rained heavily (theme of the entire trip, by the way) and so the rocks were damp, there were waterfalls running from cliff sides, and the weather was kindly cool.

The balancing rock was amazing to see -- I tried to make sure that it wouldn't fall, but I figure it'll be okay on its own.

My favorite bit was hiking along the North and South windows. The colors are brilliant! That's one thing I love about the desert. Colors become that much more saturated and everything is dusty but rich.

 Holding rocks, because it's appropriate...obviously.

My wonderful dad, whose birthday was yesterday! He and my sister are the only ones who don't mind having their photos up on my blog (though my sister is in Oregon, so she had to skip out on this adventure).

And then there was a hidden arch with the softest sand floor ever. It felt completely different than walking on a beach -- it was quite lovely.

There was the Broken Arch, which has a huge crack at the top. The arch itself is totally fine, but it does feel a bit precariously held together by that middle bit...

Doesn't this look like layered cake? Layers of pastry? Chocolate deliciousness?

But then we were done and head to scurry off to where we were going to stay that night: Colorado. I'll continue that story next time, but I will say that Colorado never fails to amaze me. It's such a beautiful place!

Okay..just a sneak peak.

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