September 29, 2014

And then there were the Rockies

While the road trip had been fun, I was ready to go home. Being on the road was a little bit exhausting, and I was ready for new stuff. We said goodbye to my brother in Michigan and set off again.
This time, for the Rocky Mountains!

What a sight! There were still pockets of snow up on the mountains.

This little critter came and said hello...

And then his friend came along to carry away some building materials!

We hiked up a long stretch just for this view, and it was underwhelming. Not really worth the effort, though you get to see little critters here and there on the way up.

We kept calling this the road to heaven, because it winds around and keeps going up and around the mountain peak.

I'm sorry, I don't remember where this was! But it was along Route 45, I think? A little lake? Because of the rain, the path was super muddy and a little bit slippery, but the view of this thing is breathtaking.


There was a string of cars along the road, so we stopped by and whatever this is (does anybody know?) walked right towards me. Cutie.

And then we were off to find a bed for the night before our adventure in Mesa Verde the next day.
This post seems so short, but it was to save you the boredom of sitting through fifty photos of mountains. However beautiful I found them, I think you have the point now. Right?

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