August 18, 2014

Making spring rolls with the Madre.

First of all, let me start by saying that there is a lady in the house next to ours who likes to practice classical singing every once in a while. Except it sounds eerily like somebody "oooooo"-ing like a ghost..and it freaks me out.


Every so often, I am invited into the kitchen to help make dinner at home. This doesn't happen too frequently as my family firmly believes that I am incapable of doing anything that involves cooking. They won't let me hold a knife, deal with anything that's hot, or do anything remotely dangerous. This means that when I am invited into the kitchen, I'm determined to show everyone that I am a responsible young adult. I can cook!

Not really though. I can assemble ingredients that are pre-chopped by my madre into little rolls (though I still managed to burn my hand, so there's that).

These little bad boys are so easy to make. We picked lettuce from our backyard, cooked up some beef and shrimp, got mung bean sprouts, cilantro and chopped up carrots and cucumbers. You plop them onto rice paper (dipped in hot water), then roll. So easy.

I'll also admit that these photos are from two separate instances in which we made spring rolls. I have no shame. I do what I want!

You can also make your own sauce, with my madre wonderfully did. It's delicious. I'd tell you how she made it, but I have no idea...

And the best part is that you're pretty much eating healthy (minus the rice paper) because they're all vegetables! It's a triple win, in my book. Healthy, delicious, easy to make. 

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