August 25, 2014

Lobster me up!

Confession: Without a shadow of a doubt, I am obsessed with lobster.

I somehow seem to not be able to get enough. I want it all! Lobster rolls, lobster mac and cheese, lobster dipped in butter, lobster in pasta -- the list goes on and on. I have been fiending for a quality lobster roll for a few weeks now, and have curbed my need..for now.

The other day, I met up with a friend for a long-delayed catch up and some nibbles. We drove out to Santa Monica and wanted to hit up an Italian spot, but somehow stumbled to The Misfit instead. I blame the neon sign.

We started with some drinks, naturally. Our lovely waitress swished over and proclaimed that we only had sixty seconds left of happy hour. I gave the cocktail menu a quick glance and off she was to collect our beverages.

I had a delightful cocktail of Fords gin, grapefruit, mint, and Peychaud Bitters, otherwise known as 'Goodnight Emily'. My compadre had the 'Clocktower Manhattan', which was a swirl of rye, Carpano vermouth, and Misfit house bitters. Mine was excellent -- all grapefruit, all delicious. His was basically straight rye..which suited him, I guess.

We chatted a bit and I took to trying to fix my camera, which was a massive fail. I definitely need new SD cards and an external hard drive so I don't have to deal with it stubbornly refusing to cooperate with me. I quickly gave up, and right on time! Something delicious this way came.

Their crispy lobster nik niks were so amazingly wonderful. It comes with a Russian dipping sauce that is absolute perfection. 

The friend ordered the baked mac and cheese with crispy pancetta. I could talk days about the pancetta, which was equally as crispy (if not more delicious) in my own dish.

Surprisingly full, we contemplated the idea of dessert and thought, why not! It's only right that we close the night with a bit of sweets, right?

A scoop of olive oil & sea salt with another scoop of pistachio gelato (gelati?) came our way, both recommended by our waitress. I took a bite and knew I could trust this woman. The olive oil & sea salt was so buttery and light, I excitedly told everyone it was like eating a cloud. The pistachio was just as delightful.

(Horrible photo quality, I know.)

We left with our bellies full and crispy pancetta on my mind. The place is a little pricey, but if you can get there for happy hour, the drinks are totally worth it. Otherwise, it might not be my cup of tea as they weren't exactly the largest of drinks.

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