July 7, 2014

Skim eats: Brunch - Jane

Let me preemptively apologize for the photo quality here. I didn't bring my camera and was feeling a little shy about taking photos in here..or about asking for my friend to take a photo of me. So. You get some low quality photos today.


Went to brunch yesterday and finally made my way to Jane. Everyone has been telling me about this place for years now, and I thought it was about time I ate there. I made a reservation (do. not. go. for. brunch. without. a. reservation.) earlier in the week and made my way over to this bright little spot. 

We had so much food to eat! They gave us a little bread basket with strawberry butter, and let me tell you, I could talk about that strawberry butter for days. Whose idea was it to make this heavenly concoction? Should it not be illegal to be that good? Drool. We also ordered the blueberry muffins because honestly, our waiter was a seller and he sold us. Damn those warm muffins. Totally not worth $7 in my opinion, but still yummy.

Then, I fed my obsession with poached eggs (why would anybody eat eggs another way?) with the Benedict Johnny, which is a combination of "crispy grits, maple chicken sausage, poached eggs, roasted tomato hollandaise" and a side of delightful crispy potato hash. Oh, and a watermelon cooler because it was before noon and apparently I can't have alcohol before noon. Yums. Lionel got the Benedict Jane, which swapped out the grits and sausage for crab and crawfish cakes, and spinach. 

What did I think? It was good, but I think the hype may be a tad bigger than necessary. The eggs were a little bland, as was the hollandaise. But the crispy grits were perfection, and the potato hash! Can we talk more about the potato hash? Home fries? Whatever they call them. With their fancy ketchup. Yes, please.

Overall, I ate until I couldn't breathe. It was a little expensive, but I'd go back for sure. Maybe minus the muffins. Plus an extra side of home fries to shamelessly stuff into my mouth despite being utterly stuffed.

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