July 22, 2014

Adventures in the Windy City (part one)

I am currently sitting in a coffee shop in Chicago, surrounded by people with laptops and notebooks and iced coffee. I've grown quite fond of this city over the past few days -- and my adventures have taken me all over the L, the buses, and back again.

The first day I arrived, I went to Millennium Park to do as tourists in Chicago do and took photos with the Bean (aka Cloud Gate, the things you learn from Wikipedia). We made our way through sites and sat down in a little outdoor area where I had frozen kefir with fruit. Noms. We walked all around that area and got ourselves nice and hungry for what I had been anticipating the most since booking my trip here: deep dish pizza. 

I don't know about you, but I don't discriminate against any type of pizza (unless it has pineapple on it, because I just don't believe in it). So when my New York crowd advised me not to get too excited about it because it wasn't that great, I went in a little apprehensively to Lou Malnati's...but that hesitance was short lived. Fried cheese. That's how we began dinner..with fried cheese. Then tucking into a ridiculously buttery, delicious, sauce-y slice of deep dish perfection sent me into a food coma.

Well played, Chicago.

The next day, I went to Little Goat Diner as recommended by a friend of mine. Still drooling over the food there. I had a Reuben with kimchi. I still don't know how I didn't think of this..but it was amazing. Corned beef with glorious sauerkraut and kimchi. Still reeling at how beautiful it was.

After dinner we went to bar, and I discovered that Chicago bars have free popcorn and hot dogs. Yes, free popcorn and hot dogs. I was in heaven. Popcorn. Hot dogs. I don't know if anybody understands how amazing that is, and will forever be to me. Happy sigh.

More on my Chicago adventures next time!

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