May 5, 2014

On the corner of Thompson and Prince

I have been needing to get new glasses for quite some time now. Last month, I finally went for my eye exam and enlisted my friend Roxy (really, you guys should all know her by now) in a day out in SoHo to help me find a pair of new glasses. After brunch in the area, we hopped over to Warby Parker, and I tried on every single pair of glasses that were available to me.

I kid you not.

If anybody ever needs to go try on glasses, count me in. This store was so cool, and everyone was super nice. Plus, they have a photo booth in the store! How awesome is that? I got a little bit too excited and made it a point to mention it every five minutes.

"Cool, so I'm going to pay for these and then we'll go take photos, yeah?"

Aren't they snazzy? I'm in love with the top strip. Personally, I think we look smart with those glasses on. And that background was my favorite, by far.

Then, we walked around for a while trying to find pie and/or ice cream. As our post-photo booth high wore off, though, we were pretty beat and resolved to continue our friend-date later that night. We did stumble upon some pretty cool things, though, like a very snazzy hat shop that had amazing hats on display. Seriously, those colors. That fan. I want.

I always forget how colorful and fun SoHo is, since I'm never in the area. I need to make it a point this summer to be in that area more often, and take advantage of being able to explore the city while I'm still living here!

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