May 12, 2014

"Don't Black Swan me like that!" - Broad City

These photos are so overly yellow that it makes me really sad. I forgot to change the settings on my camera and ended up with these super off-colored things. Sigh. This blog is really a journey in how horrible I am at taking photos, and how by the end of the night I stop caring about coloring so much and do whatever I want. Well...

The other week I went to my friends' place for dinner and good times. The entire night was so great, I am really thankful to have friends like Roxy and Micah. They share my quirks, my love for all things nerdy (we ended the night watching episodes of TableTop), and are always so incredibly kind and generous when they invite me over.

Our night was filled with Game of Thrones beer (I finally found a store that sells it!), Broad City, TableTop, guacamole and chips (real friends support your avocado addiction), sing-alongs, and one of the best dinners I have ever had.

Micah is doing a very cool thing, which I hope he doesn't mind me sharing here! He's cooking his way through specific cookbooks every month, and I was lucky enough to drop in for a delicious meal of salmon, enoki mushrooms, and rice. And cake! All that buttery goodness..even thinking about it now makes me salivate.

Am I drooling? Damn.

Look guys, I rubbed half of my eyebrow off. Oops.

My friends are so incredibly creative and talented. Micah serenaded us on his guitar and ukulele, while Roxy demonstrated some amazing improv hula skills. And they're such generous people, I'm really blessed to be able to have our paths cross every so often.

Also, can't forget that cat. Mac is the softest kitty I have ever come into contact with. I wasn't a cat person until her..and she isn't even my cat.

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