April 8, 2014

Tiny Lush Haul: I'm no longer a Lush virgin.

After years of people talking to me about Lush and telling me that it was the most brilliant thing to have ever existed, I finally ventured into my first Lush store -- and I'm pretty sure I'm never looking back. 
Let's start with the fact that everyone in the store was so nice, super helpful, and they stayed with me for over half an hour, showing me different product and testing things out on me. They were patient while I asked questions and smelled pretty much everything I could possibly get my hands on.

This one might be my favorite thing that I purchased. Ocean Salt immediately brightens the skin and leaves it feeling so fresh and clean. Seriously. This was pre-mixing the contents (but look at that bright blue!), and I was afraid that the scrub might be a little bit too abrasive. Nope, just perfect. You can smell the vodka in there and..it's just so lovely for the skin.

Mask of Magnaminty wasn't my favorite scent, but it is super nice on the skin. In the store, I thought it was a little bit too minty for my liking, but as they were all out of the fresh face masks, I went with this instead. And I'm glad I did! The girl who helped me told me that sometimes their products smell completely different outside of the store -- I think this one is just that. After a day, I opened the pot to smell it and it was a lot more tame. Amazing. And it definitely left my face feeling super soft and using this after Ocean Salt took care of the random acne I had popping up on my face. Win.

The girl who guided me through the store got me on this one right as I was about to pay. She had me smell this and Bubblegum, and asked me to choose which one I liked better -- of course, I chose Mint Julips. I took a small bit, scrubbed my lips, and then licked them afterwards. It's edible! And smells freaking amazing.

Wanting to make for myself a super soothing bath (which was why I went in, in the first place), I picked up this bubble bar called Yuzu and Cocoa. Honestly? I was really disappointed by this one. It smells amazing, but the bubbles were so sparse and disappeared as soon as I got into the bath. Really bummed me out.

I didn't take an individual picture of the bath bomb I got, but I purchased Golden Egg from their Easter line. Again, it smelled great and I liked the fact that it was a bomb and melt in one. Super moisturizing, left my skin feeling so soft all night. I was worried about the glitter, but it was more of like a shimmer and didn't stick to my skin, thankfully.

All in all, it was a small haul..though expensive. But I feel as if I've covered the basics, and I'll be back for more -- they've completely converted me into a bath person! There's no going back now. 

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  1. I've heard great things about the mask! I am currently using Purity's Dirty Girl, and it has no scent, but makes my face feel like a baby's but afterwards.

    This post makes me want go make a trip myself!

  2. It's pretty nice! I've never used their other masks (and I'm kind of dying to try out the fresh ones) so I don't know how it compares, but it does leave my skin feeling nice and tingly afterwards. I'll have to check out that one next time I'm in a shop!

    Haha, collective Lush trip!!


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