January 13, 2014

MM #31

New York is cold. It's cold. I'm cold. Have I said that I'm cold yet? I flew back from California last Tuesday, and went from a glorious 75 degree day to a bitter -10 (including wind chill) degree morning. Needless to say, my body was in shock and has been suffering in aches and shivers since.

Or I like to over-exaggerate. Either way. Also, I'm hungry. So here are a bunch of things I think look delicious right now.

Can we talk about this for a second? It's the new Game of Thrones trailer, and every time I watch it I get chills. Despite my issues with some of the show's depictions of the characters (and how they differ from the book), I try to take the show as its own entity and am incredibly excited for this. Ugh, so many feelings.

I hope you all have a marvelous Monday. I hope you're also all hungry with me, too. Let's go get lunch.

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  1. Now I'M hungry. :) Just wanted to thank you for stopping by Neighborfood and leaving a comment on my beef brisket. Hope you get a chance to try it. Stay warm!

  2. Haha, the power of food photos. It's a masochistic thing, to look at them when I'm hungry...but! Of course! I am seriously excited to try it out, and I hope you stay warm as well!


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