December 31, 2013

A look back at 2013, and a list of firsts.

Every year, I like to highlight the new experiences I've had in the form of a list. I used to do them on Livejournal (since 2007!), but last year was the first time I brought it over to my blog. To continue tradition, I'd like to take a look back at all of the firsts I had in 2013.

So began my anxiety about starting my last semester as an undergraduate at NYU. I packed up, mentally preparing myself for the sprint I knew the next few months would be.

The most significant thing I remember about February is hanging out with my girls Leigh and Lindsey on Valentine's day, enjoying a nice bottle of vino and discussing the perfection that is Ewan McGregor in Moulin Rouge.

Instead of going somewhere crazy for spring break, I opted to hang out in New York for the week in hopes of earning some extra money by working and experiencing my first St. Patrick's day in the city. Neither disappointed, and I had some good bonding time with my fellow RAs. Oh, and I went to the Game of Thrones exhibit this month...which was, to say the least, a highlight of my year. Photo on the Iron Throne? Yes, please.

This month was filled with doing a bunch of small programs in my building, enjoying my last few weeks as an RA. I kept my schedule busy, and was happier for it. I made it a point to spend time with my friends and appreciate the bits of college life that I wouldn't get to experience again.

Those first few weeks of May were ridiculously packed. Looking back at my Google calendar now, I don't know how I managed to get everything done. And I graduated! It was the first time my family came out to visit me in New York, and it was for a fantastic graduation. I went to Yankee Stadium and Radio City Music Hall for the first time for the events, and I was ever so thankful to have spent the past four years at NYU. I spent a lot of time with my friends, and said goodbyes that I didn't want to. I also took a roadtrip home with my family from New York, and went through the Midwest for the first time. Donated my hair this month, too.

This was the first time I ever wore a two-piece bathing suit out in public. I didn't feel too comfortable, and probably won't do it again, but it was a great accomplishment for myself to actually just do it. We did a family trip to Disneyland, and I had a turkey leg for the first time! Can you believe it? I also interviewed like crazy this month to find a job back in New York.

Received my job offer and spent the month frolicking with my family in Los Angeles. I ate good food, sunbathed, and prepared to return to New York. I went crabbing for the first time, had my first kale salad, and then some. At the end of the month, I flew back, and was heartbroken for the first time.

Started my new job, found an apartment, and made the move up to East Harlem. I sweated in the unfortunate humidity of New York and whined like the dry-heat-Angeleno that I am. Oh well. And I had my first Italian ice!

I went to Governor's Island for the first time, went to my first New York-y event, and went to a number of movie screenings. I also became a brunch person, and got addicted to that Saturday afternoon brunch. This was also the month that I launched Dear Skim, so it's very near and dear to my heart as a marker of new beginnings.

What a ridiculous month. I kept myself quite busy, going to movie screenings, hangouts, and getting into all kinds of trouble with friends. I also got ready to move and was on the hunt for a new apartment.

I moved down to Brooklyn and marveled at how different it felt from the rest of New York that I was used to. Quiet, still, different. I went to Michigan and cooked my first Thanksgiving dinner, which was largely a success..despite it being a little makeshift and my being frazzled.

Oh, what a month. I turned twenty-two and got to celebrate it with my friends. It was more of a quiet month, compared to the running around I had done the past three months, but the change of pace was very welcome.

What firsts have you experienced this year? I love looking back every year and reading what I thought was worth documenting, and what firsts I accomplished back then versus now. And now, I'm ready for 2014. Let me take it by the horns and hang on for dear life.

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