November 6, 2013

Hello from Korea, From Lost in Travels - Snail Mail Collective

After spending the weekend trying to figure out what I wanted to post about this week, I received a friendly hello from Korea in the mail! I was so excited that I opened it up and took these quick photos at work, haha. Last month, I decided that I wanted to get to know more bloggers. So I signed up for the Snail Mail Collective and hoped for the best.

Little did I know that I was going to be paired up with one of the lovely ladies who runs the program. I was intimidated at first to have Chelsea from Lost in Travels as my partner (and I've told her as much!), but what a darling surprise it has been to get to know her. She and her husband are ridiculously cute (is it weird that I'm linking this post? Maybe) and I got to taste a little bit of Korea through her, despite my having never been.

I'm most excited to try the citron tea -- Chelsea has been raving about these! When I first opened the package, everything was faced down and so I thought she sent me little packets of jam. Little did I know that those would hold the magical tea I've been hearing about. And the fish goodies! I asked her about something my siblings used to tell me about all the time and she sent me these darling things.

Another beautiful gift is this scarf. It's a really lovely print and adds the right pop of both color and pattern to any outfit. As soon as I saw it I threw my scarf off and wrapped this around me instead. And look at this postcard! Look at how pretty Korea is! I need to plan a trip out there very, very soon. Also, please excuse my nasty unpainted nail. They're green now, so no longer weird to look at.

Thank you Chelsea, for these really lovely gifts. And for any of you out there who want to participate or are curious about what the SMC is, go check it out here. Sign-ups for this month end tomorrow, so go over now! It's really quite fun, and I had a blast.

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