October 4, 2013

Phoenix and The Vaccines at Barclays

What? I know.

Even I'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that I have some pretty awesome friends that take me to do cool things, like go see Jason Derulo or go to a super-cool food tasting (or in the rare event I have something fancy going on, I take them to movie screenings). Yup, it feels pretty sweet.

On Wednesday, I got to go see Phoenix play at Barclays with The Vaccines (which I was really excited about because I knew who they were!).

You know what's better than a concert? A free concert. We were able to snag free tickets thanks to Will Call and made our merry way over there. After being asked to move once -- does anyone ever sit in their actual seats if there are better ones available? -- we enjoyed jamming out to The Vaccines and Phoenix for a lovely night of European bandmen. That's not a word. Oops.

It was pretty great. I tried to record part of it but ended up not getting my face in it, with just a glimpse of my friend. Welp. They also had a part that totally reminded me of Rainbow Road. It might be that anything rainbow reminds me of that ridiculous course in Mario Kart -- it's my least favorite, I always fall off, I'm the worst.

Anyway. The show was fun, and I was reminded of how much I enjoy going to shows. I hadn't been to one in what felt like two years, so it was good to be back. There's nothing like it -- being surrounded by people dancing, bobbing their heads to the same song, feeling everything roar in your chest. I need to go to another show ASAP.

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