September 20, 2013

Thanks to Klout, I got to see Don Jon

I don't know why, but Klout is one of those things I never link or talk about. I have a profile, of course, but I never talk about it. Deciding to change that up now, since I got to go see an advanced screening of Don Jon thanks to Klout! I've never felt so special before. I even got a plus one, which obviously meant I asked Roxy if she wanted to go (aka as far as you all know, my only friend -- she's the only one I ever take photos of!).

The system was a little hectic. My friend and I left work and made our way to Downtown Brooklyn. We got to the theater right at 7:00 and thought we were safe -- the email they sent out did say that as long as we got there by 7:00 we would be guaranteed seating. But of course, true to the nature of any free event, they ran out of reserved tickets and we had to wait in line anyway. Which was okay, because by the power of all that is good in the world we still got in and only had minimal neck aches by the end of it. But I still may have tweeted about the fail that was the reserved ticket system.

Which brings me to this tangent: there is no point in having those seats at the front of the theater. It hurts. It's not good for your eyes. Especially with a movie that has flashing scenes, I felt like I was having a seizure. No me gusta.

Anyway. The movie was great. I saw a few friends in the theater who were smart enough to get there way early, and laughed because we made jokes about how Klout wanted us to tweet about the event but they stuck us in a theater with no cell phone service. Womp.

Afterwards, Roxy and I walked on over to Shake Shack and enjoyed not one, but two rounds of Shackmeister Ale (if you have not had this before, you need to). We laughed, had honest talks, and had an altogether fabulous Tuesday night. Who cares that I didn't get home until midnight?

If you're curious about what I thought, or if you're on the fence about watching it, I wrote a review over on Media Milk Bar that you can go check out. In a quickie version: yes, go watch it. Don't go with your parents. But go watch it.

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