September 18, 2013

Taste Talks Brooklyn Conference, All-Star Cookout

I mentioned this briefly in this week's MM, but this weekend I had the opportunity to go to Taste Talks Food & Drink Brooklyn Conference, All-Star Cookout. It was amazing. I got to go with one of my amazing friends, Roxy, much to my delight and the misfortune of her boyfriend, Micah (sorry man -- it was awesome, and I wish we could have all gone together).

But oh, so much food. I stuffed my face with beef tongue, rabbit, hard cider, and so much more. It was a little piece of food heaven, and I had a ticket to be there from 1-3:30...though we ended up leaving at around 4:30 due to a combination of food coma and waiting in line for ice cream (it was mint chip, by the way, and I lost two-thirds of it after I took that top photo because it fell out of the cone. Forceful licking?).

It was a gorgeous day, perfectly in between summer and autumn. The sun was warm, but there was a breeze and plenty of drinks to keep us cool. Acqua Panna (fancy bottled water!) and San Pellegrino in buckets usually reserved for soda and generic bottled water. How fancy.

We barely sat down so that we could go to every station during our two and a half hour window -- you'd think two and a half hours would be more than enough time, but it really isn't! We quickly learned that the best way to go about it would be to grab food and then wait in line for the next station while eating..which is why I only have photos of half of the food we ate. I had too many things in my hands!

They stopped us to play a game for a free sign-up for car rentals? I think? I don't really know, but we just wanted to play the game they had so we did it. And of course, my homegirl won on the first try. So she gave me the rest of her chips and I didn't have the same luck so quickly -- it happened on the second go!

We've now decided that we have a reason to go on road trips now, so we're planning on heading out in the near future. I'm voting for Chicago.

I've also decided that while I have never been a huge fan of hard cider, Strongbow is my go to. We got a free drink when we first got in (we were promised two free drinks for the event and weren't given our vouchers, which was unfortunate. The entire sign-in process was far from efficient and they forgot to give us lanyards or tote bags -- needless to say, we were mildly upset) and liked it so much that we bought ourselves another.

And like true champs, we conquered all of the stations. I thought my belly was going to burst from all the food, but it was so, so worth it. Roxy's favorite was Tom Mylan, Brent Young, and Francis Mallman's rib eye with chimmichurri and chapa bread. Mine was Chris Bear and Sean Rembold's kentucky mutton burgoo with corn bread. You have not lived until you've had peach butter.

Also, can I just say that Questlove is awesome and very kind for letting me take a photo. I felt a little bit like a butthole for asking, but it's Questlove! I had to! Shame, I know. I'm sorry. Really though, I felt bad afterwards and thought maybe I should've kept my fangirl inside and just smiled. Ah!

All in all, it was a fantastic event. I had so much fun, and it's not something I would have normally done. A huge thank you to Roxy for taking me on this little Sunday afternoon adventure.

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