September 25, 2013

Mini-vacation from New New York?

I'm pretty sure most people will say that they need a break from New York once in a while -- at least those who didn't grow up living in the city. Everyone I know says every so often, "I need to get out of this place!"

Sad as it is, it's only been two months since I've been back and already I'm itching to get out. Maybe it's because of everything that's happened within those two months that have made my time here seem much longer than it actually has been. People have come and gone, and I have barely had time to blink.

On Saturday, my darling friend Roxy (I know what you're thinking, and yeah, I pretty much only hang out with her -- but at least you get to see photos of her pretty face, right?) and I went on a little adventure. It turned into my idea of the perfect all-day date, but you know. You can go on friend dates.

We met up for brunch and ended up just getting lunch at this little Thai place with an awesome lunch special. Then we went and got pie. I then proceeded to flail and gush over how much I loved pie and pie was going to be the only thing I ever ate again. Really though, I had triple berry pie and it was divine. Roxy had sour cream apple walnut pie? I think? I don't know, but that thing was a little piece of heaven. Sigh.

Then we went to Governors Island and much to my delight, they had an antique carnival thing going on. Carousels, rides, and attendants all dressed in faux-Parisian uniforms. They had music streaming through speakers strung around the area and it was very romantic. And before you say anything, yes. I know that my fashion choices as of late have been...a little more daring. And not necessarily in the good way.

I got my butt kicked by one of the rides there. It was called Le Dragon and I almost fell off of it the second time around -- they should have a sign! Beware those who have weak arms and/or thighs: you will be in for a rough one. There was also a bicycle ride that was made in 1892, that was just darling. We rode in a spinning-cup on the carousel (I know, right?), and one of those swing rides that made you feel as if you're flying.

I closed my eyes, stretched my arms out, and smiled. It's the little things in life that make me feel alive. Being on that ride, spending my day with one of my best friends, it was lovely. It made me think about all the things I had been stressing about, all the things that have made me sad during my time here in New York, and I felt it all drop from my body as I flew through the air. There are so many more things to be thankful for -- what is the point in focusing on the negatives?

We finished off the night in Brooklyn with one of our co-workers, and I fell in love a little bit. Brooklyn, you're winning me over, with your Mexican restaurants and your cute little Shake Shack. I may have to make the move out there soon. Maybe.

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