September 27, 2013

Jason Derulo and Trident Gum at Fuse Studios

Well, on Tuesday I went to Fuse Studios to see Jason Derulo perform, thanks to my darling friend Amy. It was for the release of his new EP, Tattoos, and was a lot of fun! Unexpectedly so.

We met up after work and waited in line for about an hour, catching up and talking about our social media craziness. Amy is one of those people who completely understands and shares my obsession with social media -- I didn't feel bad spending ten minutes after we got out on my phone, trying to Instagram, tweet, and Facebook photos. We were retweeting and being silly the entire walk over to the train.

The performance was a lot of fun, the dancers were hilariously talented, and a lot of unexpected things happened. We were harassed by security guards who were adamant that they saw our wristbands every second we were waiting in line (which was a bit of a struggle since we both had jackets on) and we sang along to some songs.

I was disappointed that Jason Derulo didn't say his name at least five times. That was the one thing I was really excited about, to hear the infamous "Jason Deruuuuloooo" but it didn't happen. At least not as much as I had hoped.

Though it's all good, we got free gum from Trident! Which we should all know, was the most exciting part of the night for me. Is that sad? That I was more excited about free gum than I was about Jason Derulo? Maybe. He took his shirt off and all, which was great, but oh. Gum. Delicious.

While I have to admit, I wasn't the biggest Jason Derulo fan, I was grooving to some of his new songs, so definitely go check out his EP Tattoos. Not going to lie, Talk Dirty was one of my favorites, but you know. Go listen and see for yourself.

Also, sorry about the quality of the photos. We weren't allowed to bring cameras so I relied on my phone for all of these. Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. looks like you had a lot of fun! :)

    1. Haha, it was! Can't ever complain about a free event in the city.


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