September 2, 2013

And now I present to you, the new blog...

Why hello! Geez, what a project this has been -- not that I'm complaining. I am extremely proud to officially announce my blog, as it's been renamed from Almost Giant to Dear Skim, and now has its own domain. What a darling thing to be able to present to all of you.

It's a little bit sad, to leave Wordpress and my very little number of followers. I was incredibly thankful for every follow, every like, and every encouraging comment -- I hope that I can find some of you here on Dear Skim, too.

In terms of content, nothing has really changed. I am hoping to post more photos and have everything make a little bit more sense, but I'll still be talking about what's going on in my life and my ridiculous thoughts. I need to finally write out that post on what my plan of action is in the event of a zombie apocalypse, and my attempts at the infinite number of recipes I have bookmarked. Ah, we'll see.

Anyway, here's to the start of a new journey! While I still have all of my posts from Almost Giant, I'm marking this as a new start: the birth of Dear Skim. And I'm so, so excited about it. I will continue with Marvelous Mondays next week -- until then, thanks for stopping by!

(Also, cue awkward photo I took for a digital photography class my senior year).


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