April 16, 2014

My first run: Purple Stride, a 5K for Pancreatic Cancer

One of my 2013 resolutions was to begin preparation for more running in 2014. I wanted to do races, with the end-goal of completing a half-marathon this year. I had a slow start to 2014 with all of the snow and my lack of a gym membership (oh the woes), but I have officially completed my first run. My goal of a half-marathon by the end of the year suddenly seems attainable.

Due to where the race began and where I live, I ended up doing 7 miles instead of 3.1 (thanks MapMyRun for letting me know as I staggered through my apartment door that it was a lovely 7 mile completion)..which means that my legs were beat and tired for the rest of the weekend. This is what I get for not doing any physical activity, then suddenly doing a big spurt of exercise!

Ways to not go about being active: an autobiography.

I had a lot of fun with this run. It was a beautiful day, I got to spend time with my friend, and it was for an amazing cause. Pancreatic cancer hits home for me, and to see all of these people supporting this cause with Purple Stride made me weirdly emotional the entire day. I saw groups with shirts that said "Team _____" and banners, and I realized that a lot of these people lost someone in their lives to cancer, just as I did. And that made me reflect a lot that day.

Also, sorry these photos aren't the nicest. I didn't want to bring a lot of stuff with me so phone photos were taken, and far too few of them. Oops. I'll be better about it next time, as this definitely isn't my last run!

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April 8, 2014

Tiny Lush Haul: I'm no longer a Lush virgin.

After years of people talking to me about Lush and telling me that it was the most brilliant thing to have ever existed, I finally ventured into my first Lush store -- and I'm pretty sure I'm never looking back. 
Let's start with the fact that everyone in the store was so nice, super helpful, and they stayed with me for over half an hour, showing me different product and testing things out on me. They were patient while I asked questions and smelled pretty much everything I could possibly get my hands on.

This one might be my favorite thing that I purchased. Ocean Salt immediately brightens the skin and leaves it feeling so fresh and clean. Seriously. This was pre-mixing the contents (but look at that bright blue!), and I was afraid that the scrub might be a little bit too abrasive. Nope, just perfect. You can smell the vodka in there and..it's just so lovely for the skin.

Mask of Magnaminty wasn't my favorite scent, but it is super nice on the skin. In the store, I thought it was a little bit too minty for my liking, but as they were all out of the fresh face masks, I went with this instead. And I'm glad I did! The girl who helped me told me that sometimes their products smell completely different outside of the store -- I think this one is just that. After a day, I opened the pot to smell it and it was a lot more tame. Amazing. And it definitely left my face feeling super soft and using this after Ocean Salt took care of the random acne I had popping up on my face. Win.

The girl who guided me through the store got me on this one right as I was about to pay. She had me smell this and Bubblegum, and asked me to choose which one I liked better -- of course, I chose Mint Julips. I took a small bit, scrubbed my lips, and then licked them afterwards. It's edible! And smells freaking amazing.

Wanting to make for myself a super soothing bath (which was why I went in, in the first place), I picked up this bubble bar called Yuzu and Cocoa. Honestly? I was really disappointed by this one. It smells amazing, but the bubbles were so sparse and disappeared as soon as I got into the bath. Really bummed me out.

I didn't take an individual picture of the bath bomb I got, but I purchased Golden Egg from their Easter line. Again, it smelled great and I liked the fact that it was a bomb and melt in one. Super moisturizing, left my skin feeling so soft all night. I was worried about the glitter, but it was more of like a shimmer and didn't stick to my skin, thankfully.

All in all, it was a small haul..though expensive. But I feel as if I've covered the basics, and I'll be back for more -- they've completely converted me into a bath person! There's no going back now. 

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March 6, 2014

Sister adventures in New York.

Oh hey -- hi there. Yes, it's been a while. Winter needs to go home.

A few weeks ago my sister came to visit me, and I meant to blog about it earlier, but..I kept opting to watch Netflix like it was my job. This was officially the first time she's ever really visited me here in New York, and it was the first time that we got to hang out together -- just us. Needless to say, I was really sad to see her go (despite our mild bickering..because who doesn't fight with their siblings, right?).

We basically ate food, ate food, and ate more food. Oh, and we went to an Arctic Monkeys show -- but really, food was the highlight of her trip here. We went a little crazy trying to hit all of the places we had on our list, though it was all totally worth it. Well, except for the ramen. That was a little bit disappointing.

First stop? Pizza, of course. I picked her up from Grand Central when she arrived on a cold Thursday night, and we went straight to Union Square to grab a slice from Joe's. So delicious I could cry.

We did a trip to Katz's -- though if I'm honest, I think I like Carnegie's better. We also went to grab brunch in my neighborhood twice over the weekend, which was nice! I haven't really eaten out in my area so it was good to get a feel for it. We went through my closet and donated about two-thirds of my clothes, saw the Arctic Monkeys (YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW MANY FEELINGS I HAVE ABOUT THIS -- they were so good, the show was so good), trekked it to Grimaldi's in the snow, saw Monuments Men, stuffed ourselves at Max Brenner's, and finished the trip off with some ramen. I had heard a lot of great things about Totto so we went, but I was really quite disappointed. The pork bun was great, but the ramen in itself was...not that fantastic. Maybe it was that particular night, not so sure, but I don't think it's somewhere I'll be going back to.

To top it all off, we tried to pull an all-nighter the night she left (cue my exhaustion at work the next day and my inability to concentrate on anything) so that she could sleep on the plane. That included a lot of browsing BuzzFeed quizzes, online shopping, and talking about how awesome it would be to live together.

Perhaps one day.

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March 2, 2014

Blog revamp and upkeep.

Well...yes. I finally revamped the blog and made things a lot cleaner. I'm really into how simple this new layout is and how clean everything is. No need for unnecessary frills and bells! There are still things that need tweaking, like a new profile photo (any artists out there? I would really like a drawing for the sidebar there), and actually blogging...but. For now, I'm happy. Cleaned out my labels to make it easier to navigate, and I have some ideas for how to make it overall more organized. Yay.

Anyway, this is just to say that I'll be back! February was a bit of a hectic month, and I didn't have any motivation to sit down and write about anything or edit photos whatsoever. I didn't even take my camera with me anywhere. 

What a fail.

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January 28, 2014

Laziest blogger to ever exist.

That has to be me. I haven't been taking my camera anywhere, and I haven't wanted to blog at all these days. I just want to curl up in bed and sleep. Although I think it's more that I'm just lazy, I'm also going to blame the cold -- when it feels like zero degrees outside, my enthusiasm for leaving my warm bed just dwindles. Quickly. And I put it off until I realize that I've spent my entire day laying in bed watching The Following on Netflix. Oops.

Anyway, I wanted to post today and do a little bit of a catch up, since I haven't talked a lot about what's been going on with me personally for a while.

Lionel and I did bottomless brunch the other day at Southern Hospitality and I gorged myself on Cheetos afterwards. Am I ashamed? Not in the slightest. If I'm honest, I thought it was going to be more food -- I don't know if I was especially hungry or if I happened to get the one thing on the menu that didn't give you a lot of food (aka I was starving and could have eaten three plates of food). But it was still good nonetheless.

Roxy and I went on a pizza date after we went to a screening of That Awkward Moment. We thought it was really entertaining. A little cheesy, but what were you expecting from a movie like this? The comedy more than makes up for it, in my opinion. "Just pee horizontal!"

Then Janus hit, and it was a complete butthole. So I made turkey chili and delighted in another excuse to make chili. Am I going to make it again this week? Probably. I love chili more than I love most things, and it never makes me feel too heavy. Which means it's a winter staple. And a summer staple. And an all-year-round staple.

Anyway. Happy Monday!

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January 16, 2014

I vajazzled my nail...accidentally...on purpose?

Last Friday was my company's winter party. Of course, this meant preparing for the big event with my friend and getting all primped and pretty. We went to Sephora the night before to paint our nails (their DIY nail bar is the best thing that has ever existed), and I made a mistake. On purpose. But on accident.

I wanted to jazz up my nails somehow. I'm usually all about the glitter, but I wanted to do something different. I wanted to keep this gorgeous royal blue the main event, and so I decided to go for the accent nail.

I've done this before.

It's totally worked.

Not this time.

I started out innocently enough with a stripe of a gorgeous pink on top of the blue. Not bad. But I really wanted something sparkly -- I like the glitz and the glam, especially if my nails are going to be for a special event. Or just because I feel like it.

So I decided to take a brave step forward and apply a thin strip of silver glitter, which is actually one of the prettiest glitter top coats I have ever seen, right down my nail. And it all went downhill. I let it dry, hoping that the silver would grow on me.

I really hoped.

But instead, the more I looked at my nail, the more I realized...I accidentally on purpose vajazzled my nail. I had created a jewel encrusted vaginal cavity on top of my ring finger, on both hands. And the worst part? I can't stop staring at it because the silver is so damn sparkly. Which means I also don't want to take it off. I wish I had just slathered this all over my nail instead of creating accidental genitalia.

Also, I'd like to note that these photos were taken not even a week after I painted them, and they're already chipping and feathering -- the other hand is worse! I was really disappointed with YSL's nail polish, and won't be getting the bottle. Just in case you were wondering.

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January 13, 2014

MM #31

New York is cold. It's cold. I'm cold. Have I said that I'm cold yet? I flew back from California last Tuesday, and went from a glorious 75 degree day to a bitter -10 (including wind chill) degree morning. Needless to say, my body was in shock and has been suffering in aches and shivers since.

Or I like to over-exaggerate. Either way. Also, I'm hungry. So here are a bunch of things I think look delicious right now.

Can we talk about this for a second? It's the new Game of Thrones trailer, and every time I watch it I get chills. Despite my issues with some of the show's depictions of the characters (and how they differ from the book), I try to take the show as its own entity and am incredibly excited for this. Ugh, so many feelings.

I hope you all have a marvelous Monday. I hope you're also all hungry with me, too. Let's go get lunch.

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